A Remarkable Company with a Remarkable Idea to Reduce Americans' Dependants on Plastic

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif., Oct. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — According to data from Penn State University, the average American could save up to $1,236 dollars per year by swapping out their single-use plastic bottles for a multi-use hydration bottle. This change would also reduce the current 60 billion single-use plastic bottles consumed in America every year.

Disruptive Drinkware is the first company that is really committed to achieving environmental responsibility with its proposed new idea to decrease the usage of single-use plastic bottles and eventually eradicate it.

Speaking of environmental responsibility, Fred Smith, Founder & CEO of Disruptive Drinkware, says: "With over 60 billion single-use bottles consumed in America every year, and with less than 10% of Americans recycling and just 7% using multi-use bottles, we think its time to not only start a conversation but to do something about it. So, even though were the new kid on the block, we will be reaching out to every multi-use hydration wholesaler to join us in donating 50 Cents for every bottle sold (in addition to their own causes) to go towards creating purified filling stations to reduce plastic waste. We have a real plan in place to make a real change."

In addition to trying to unite the industry, Founders Fred & Judys will lead by example and promise to donate 50 Cents (in addition to their own causes) of every bottle sold and encourage other bottle manufacturers to do the same towards the rollout of purified refill stations in every school in America, this plan will help to cut down on single-use plastics.

"To start, we want to see accessible purified refilling stations in every school in America. But were not going to stop there. With help from others in the industry, we think that together we can bring refill stations to major gathering spots like malls, and finally get them to become the norm across the country."

By joining the bold, brave, and totally remarkable Disruptive Drinkware community, customers and bottle wholesalers alike are able to watch the refill stations fund grow daily and do great things for both people and the planet.

For more information visit https://disruptivedrinkware.com/ 

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Daniel Zahoul


SOURCE Disruptive Drinkware