American Basketball Association (ABA) Joins Forces with Strimm TV to Establish a Next-Generation TV Network

Abagale TV, powered by Strimm TV, Is Set to Transform Sport Broadcasting Worldwide.

CHICAGO, June 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — American Basketball Association (ABA) and Strimm TV, a premier provider of private linear TV networks, have formed an innovative strategic alliance, and launched Abagale TV, an advanced sport television network. This agreement marks a historic moment for sport organizations worldwide.

Abagale TV sets a new standard in sport broadcasting through the joint efforts of ABA and Strimm TV. Leveraging Strimm platform, ABA has developed 100+ online television channels for their basketball teams, enabling them with seamless 24/7 live tv broadcast of basketball games both online and via OTT devices, and brings exhilarating basketball action directly to their fans.

Strimm TV (, widely known for its sophisticated tools and a robust platform for over a decade, has long been at the forefront of reforming how organizations create and spread their message via their own live tv stations. Through Abagale TV, sport fans can now enjoy an engaging experience that connects ABA to its global audience with ease.

Joe Newman, CEO of ABA expressed his enthusiasm over Abagale TV by noting: “Abagale TV marks a pivotal turning point for our organization’s history, providing us with unprecedented fan engagement through Strimm TV technology, enabling our basketball teams to reach their fans everywhere. I want to thank Harold Whaley, Director of Strategic Planning of ABA, who organized the Abagale TV development, which is the most important advancement in ABA history.”

Since its creation decades ago, the ABA has been an innovator in professional basketball. Renowned for its rich heritage, dynamic gameplay, and commitment to developing talent, ABA has quickly become a go-to place for basketball players and fans worldwide.

“Television is the most efficient medium in the world. We are thrilled to partner with ABA on their goal to establish a television network,” commented Dmitry Kochman, CEO and Founder of Strimm TV. “This collaboration showcases Strimm TV flexibility as it adapts to meet specific needs of different organizations. Working alongside Joe Newman and Harold Whaley, we help bringing the excitement of ABA games right to their fans, anywhere they are.”

As ABA and Strimm TV join forces, their aim is to redefine the sports viewing experience and give fans an unparalleled access to ABA games, exclusive content, and behind-the-scenes moments, all on Abagale TV’s cutting-edge private television network, powered by Strimm.

About American Basketball Association (ABA):

The American Basketball Association is widely considered one of the premier professional basketball leagues in America. Since its foundation, ABA has become a beacon of talent and excitement within basketball culture, providing fans with a memorable sport experience that continues to enthrall them across the nation.

About Strimm:

Strimm TV ( has established itself as a leading provider of private online TV solutions. Their SaaS platform empowers organizations of all kinds to create tv and manage their own online TV networks with ease. By partnering with ABA, Strimm further showcases its commitment to revolutionizing linear television and the way organizations engage with their audiences.

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SOURCE American Basketball Association; Strimm, Inc.