American Technologies Network (ATN) Introduces Lightest Thermal Rifle Scope on the Market

ATN Launches New THOR LTV Thermal Riflescope with Video Recording Capabilities

DORAL, Fla. , March 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — American Technologies Network (ATN Corp.), a leader in the tech optics industry, today announced the launch of its new, lighter and easier-to-use thermal riflescope, the Thor LTV, with upgraded video recording features and industry-leading power management systems for an even better nighttime hunting experience without sacrificing quality or performance.  

ATN CEO James Munn said unveiling this next generation ATN technology is a milestone for both the company and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

“We are incredibly proud of the new Thor LTV,” Munn said. “This product combines advanced technology, ease-of-use and lightweight design in one package. We believe it will revolutionize the way people hunt at night.”

The Thor LTV combines cutting-edge technology with ease-of-use in a lightweight package and comes in three different resolutions – 160, 320, and 640 12 micron, complete with industry-leading sensors for optimal image quality and sharpness.

The Thor LTV also offers a variety of features designed to make the user’s life easier. The scope is equipped with an onboard video recorder which allows users to capture their hunts and share them with family and friends. It also includes digital zoom capabilities, a one-shot zeroing system, and a micro USB port for connecting to external devices.

Munn said ATN’s Thor LTV is designed for serious hunters who want a reliable, lightweight thermal rifle scope that doesn’t sacrifice quality or performance.

“This revolutionary product is sure to take nighttime hunting to the next level,” Munn said.


The ThOR LTV retails starting at $949 and is currently available in the United States. It can be purchased online through the ATN website or in-person at an ATN retail store.

About ATN Corp:

American Technology Network is an innovative industry leader and manufacturer of night vision and thermal Smart Optics products. Founded in 1995, ATN is known for creating high-quality products that enhance the outdoor experience and connect more people with nature. ATN Scopes offer user-friendly, Smart features, enabling users to record their experience and share them directly online with ease. Top-selling models include the X-Sight 4K Pro series, ThOR 4 series and the OTS LT series. Visit to learn more or call 1- 800-910-2862, Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM to 4:30 PM PST. You can also find ATN on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram

Artineh Aladadian
Interdependence Public Relations