Author Paul Gonnella Announces New Book “Paid” to be Released on August 31, 2022

TAMPA, Fla., Sept. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — “Paid” by Paul Gonnella is an exciting, timely book that addresses the ‘messy situation’ that our current collegiate D1A men’s college football and basketball clubs are experiencing. In 2 days “PAID” is the #1 best seller & the #4 best seller of New Release Basketball & Football books in America on Amazon. 

Gonnella, who has decades of experience both as a coach and a recruiter at the high school and college levels of football, offers practical solutions to fixing this problem. With his research and personal experience, his book highlights the schemes that have bilked billions of dollars off the backs of FBS/D1A college football and men’s basketball players.

What separates this book from many others is how Paul paints the picture of the entire scheme and exposes all of the issues that now exist, including misaligned rules, regulations, and laws that have allowed the schemers to take advantage of the players for many decades. The unique “Fix” that he offers is intended to even the playing field for all the players that compete at the big-time level of college/university football and basketball. 

The “Fix” will also eliminate the loopholes that give a competitive advantage to the teams (in the power5). Furthermore, it will provide support and guidance for the players through unionized representation that will protect their best interests 24/7/365.

Paul Gonnella’s insight stems from his time on the football staff at 9 FBS schools. He was crowned the Director of Player Personnel of the Year by CBS Sports. In addition, he was a staff member at Alabama during the 2012 National Championship, leading the Tide to be named the number one recruiting class in all of college football.

This book was specifically written to educate and guide the current and future players who become associated with the NCAA, specifically the revenue-achieving sports (D1A College Football and Men’s Basketball). The expectation is that this book can be the instrument to begin conversations that will create positive change to benefit the players and puts big-time college sports back into the “amateur” status for everyone involved. “Paid” is a must-read.

The book can be found in a paperback edition as well as a download (Kindle) version on Amazon as well as many other sites through Smashwords. 

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