Basketball Legend Tracy McGrady Launches Nationwide One-on-One League, Ones Basketball Association (OBA)

HOUSTON, Feb. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — After making his mark on the world of basketball, seven-time NBA All-Star Tracy McGrady, announced today the launch of his nationwide basketball league, Ones Basketball Association (OBA). The league will feature an intense one-on-one seven-city qualifying tournament to identify the best players in the nation. The top three players from each city will advance to the OBA Finals in Las Vegas in July where they will compete for a chance to win $250K and be crowned "Ruler of the Court".

"The influence of one-on-one basketball is often overlooked but it’s really the foundation and captures the true essence of the sport. The NBA is the pinnacle of five-on-five, Fiba and The Big 3 did a great job of organizing three-on-three," said Tracy McGrady. "What UFC did for fighters is what OBA will do for one-on-one basketball. We want to give players the opportunity to change their lives, showcase their talents, and possibly make it to the next level," continued McGrady.

Beginning in April, seven regional cities across the United States will host a two-day, 32 player per city, round-robin knockout tournament with amateur and collegiate athletes aged 18+.

  • The league is invite-only, but interested athletes can submit their highlight footage on the OBA website for consideration.
  • The winner of each city will take home a $10,000 cash prize along with an invite to the Finals in Las Vegas which will see 21 players compete for a chance to win the $250K grand prize and be crowned "Ruler of the Court".
  • Once the OBA Finals are complete, the Top 50 players in the league will be ranked accordingly.
  • The league will then launch their OBA Ones Weekend match-ups. This will be monthly head-to-head battles, similar to a fight night where multiple undercards will be played ending with the main card to close the night, giving players an opportunity to move up in the rankings.

T-Mac has assembled some of the most elite sports executives and creatives to help bring his vision to reality with decades of experience in brand marketing, business development, and strategic partnerships.

"I’m thrilled to be working on this venture with Tracy, we want to create something that transcends basketball and spreads across the culture from entertainment, art, and technology," explained Lisle Bowen, OBA’s Creative Director.

In addition to digestible games, the OBA’s innovative approach will focus on storytelling including social media and episodic content to capture the players as they battle their way to the finals. An exclusive OBA Lounge will be located in every city during the match-ups giving fans a chance to experience everything the league represents, combining sports, entertainment, technology, art, and culture with engaging content through gamification, augmented reality, sports betting and more.

OBA content will be shared across a widespread audience through strategic partnerships with key digital networks and social media conglomerates including Playmaker, whose social media network exceeds 39 million combined followers and will be produced by Heart and Hustle, a production company that will produce short-form episodic content whose storytelling is beyond the fold of the conventional.

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About Ones Basketball Association
From coast to coast, Ones Basketball Association (OBA) unearths the true Rulers of the Court. Full of passion, the game of basketball is boiled down to its simplest form with one-on-one duels. Nothing but pure competition and raw talent remain in the end, and it’s up to each individual player to prove themselves and claim their victory.

Kalika Hastings for The OBA