BK Trackstars Launches News Section

LARGO, Md., Aug. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — BK Trackstars, a groundbreaking track and field app founded by world-record holder and Olympic gold medalist Bianca Knight, is launching a new and exciting investigative news service on its website, BKTrackstars.com.

The journalism service will address track and societal issues – tackling tough subject matter where sports and life intersect. Think of it as content similar to "Outside the Lines," but for track. This is inside the lanes.

Knight wants to give back and grow track and field to a sport that is talked about daily, not just once every four years at the Olympics.

BKTrackstars.com launches out of the blocks with a bang. The first blog post on the site, written by long-time journalist Butch Maier, is an in-depth look at the controversy about the removal of two Namibian runners (Namibian Track Coach calls for Testosterone Rule Change — BK Trackstars), Christine Mboma and Beatrice Masilingi, from one Olympic event, while allowing them to compete in another event. The science and reasoning just do not make sense.

From the post: "Directives to go to a gynecologist, testing for male organs, penalties just for having natural hormones, and two more African runners knocked off track. This is the state of women’s track and field. Namibian Olympic women’s track hopefuls Christine Mboma and Beatrice Masilingi, 18-year-olds who were expected to be contenders in the 400 meters of the upcoming Tokyo Games, were withdrawn from the event in early July after tests mandated by track governing body World Athletics revealed they had high natural testosterone levels."

This is the first of many compelling pieces that will be available for consumption on BKTrackstars.com. The news service also will preview key matchups of upcoming track meets – featuring runners of all ages, from the young phenoms to the big names, so competitors and fans alike can follow their favorite athletes, and the site will follow up on previous stories to keep the audience engaged. It’s all about the love of the sport. The track. The stars. BKTrackstars.com.

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Founded by Olympic Gold Medalist and World Record holder, Bianca Knight, BKTrackStars is making waves in the growing biometrics industry. Their free app download provides cutting-edge technology to track and measure each athlete’s performances, workouts, consistency, and improvement over time. By rating runners within the member-base, athletes—along with their coaches and/or parents—are able to better determine how they rank among those training within a competitive industry. This app is made for athletes, by athletes, to provide invaluable insight and improve performance. For more information on how to download and use the BKTrackStars app, visit www.BKTrackStars.com.

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