Blue Payment Agency Inc. Announces the Addition of Knife and Blade Payment Processing to Its Tactical-Focused E-Commerce Payment Gateway Website

WINDHAM, Maine, May 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — According to Alex Roy, president of Blue Payment Agency Inc., “Feedback from clients over the past year has been clear. There is a significant need for knife-friendly payment processing – especially AuthorizeNet accounts that are not only underwritten for knives and blades but also easily integrated with WooCommerce, Shopify, and BigCommerce.”

Established in 2014, Blue Payment Agency has honed its expertise in high-risk payment processing through careful testing and client feedback. Blue Payment Agency utilizes high-risk merchant accounts that are specifically approved for regulated categories and blends them with an easily integrated AuthorizeNet payment gateway. This allows for knife, blade, sword, and cutlery clients to enjoy straightforward, low-stress online payment acceptance.

According to Blue Payment Agency, their existing focus on the firearms industry made the addition of knife-friendly payment gateways an easy choice. Alex explained it as follows: “Payment gateways like Stripe, Square, and PayPal are all terrific, accessible, affordable, and reliable for most online businesses – but each payment gateway has its own terms and allowed-use policies. Weapons – like knives – are not always permitted. This leads to declines, account shutdowns, and even withheld deposits. We offer accounts specifically for the knife and blade industry, dramatically reducing the risk of a nasty surprise once your website’s sales start flowing in.”

When a business owner engages in regulated or “high-risk” transactions, then merchant accounts, payment gateways, and shopping cart integrations must all be carefully selected and set up to prevent cash-flow and business interruptions.

Even though each payment gateway has allowed-use policies that are easily accessible and in writing, new website owners often overlook them. The repercussions can be very challenging for new business owners. Processing sales for a regulated item – like a fixed-blade, gravity, or survival knife – through a standard payment gateway is a recipe for headaches. Forced refunds, lost sales, held deposits, and shutdown accounts are typical results when a business owner does not set up their payment gateway and merchant account through the correct provider.

The company’s website describes its solution this way: “At Blue Payment Agency, we know that popular payment gateways like Stripe, Square, or PayPal may not always allow businesses that sell weapons or collectible blades online. Blue Payment Agency has extensive experience working with legal knife, sword, collectible, and cutlery dealers. We provide direct integration with AuthorizeNet or third-party solutions, ensuring a stable and reliable payment processing experience for customers.”

Blue Payment Agency’s solutions are described by the company as “affordable yet full service.”

Alex Roy detailed the service his team provides as follows: “Although our clients can apply, upload documents, and integrate their payment processing online themselves, we also offer one-on-one application, setup, and integration help to all clients at no additional charge. Our team will be here by phone and email throughout the application and setup process. We will even hop on a screen-share and assist clients one-on-one with the integration process. This way, knife-focused website owners can be confident that their merchant account, payment gateway, and shopping cart are thoroughly tested before launching their website or adding a new regulated product to their old site. This dramatically reduces the chances of an error and can eliminate our client’s stress during setup.”

These industry-focused solutions are intended to allow knife and blade website owners to safely, reliably, and affordably process credit card payments online with less stress and fewer surprises.

Blue Payment Agency’s knife, blade, and cutlery payment processing services for Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce – and even Wix – can be found at

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