Breaking Barriers: Maryland RV Law Changes Revolutionizes OC RV & Van Lifestyle Show

OCEAN CITY, Md. , May 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The OC RV & Van Lifestyle Show, scheduled for October 31 to November 3, 2024, at the Roland E. Powell Convention Center, is gearing up for an unprecedented expansion driven by transformative Maryland RV legislation. The passage of Bill SB-60 has opened the doors wide for the first time in decades, allowing out-of-state RV dealers to display at Maryland RV shows. This groundbreaking change is poised to significantly increase the show’s scope and attendance by introducing a richer variety of RVs and related products.

Following closely on the heels of SB-60, Bill HB-840 was enacted to further bolster the industry within Maryland. Previously, Maryland RV dealers were restricted to participating in only two annual shows, limiting their exposure and potential revenue opportunities. With the introduction of HB-840, Maryland dealers now have the opportunity to engage in three annual shows. This includes the new addition in Ocean City, allowing them to tap into an otherwise untapped market within Maryland and substantially increase their potential for revenue and market expansion. Together, these legislative changes are set to redefine the RV marketplace in Maryland, offering both in and out-of-state dealers opportunities for growth and customer engagement at the OC RV & Van Lifestyle Show.

“These changes are not just legislative wins; they are a boon for RV enthusiasts and our local economy,” said Rich Hutchins, the show’s organizer. “Thanks to the steadfast support of Senator Mary Beth Carrozza, Delegate Wayne Hartman, and both local and state tourism boards, we are now positioned to offer an even richer and more diverse experience. This advancement allows us to better serve RV enthusiasts and provide Maryland RV dealers with greater opportunities for growth and exposure across the state.”

Why Ocean City?

Ocean City is not just a prime vacation spot; it’s a dynamic venue that draws over eight million visitors each year. Its scenic beaches, ample amenities, and welcoming community make it the ideal setting for the OC RV & Van Lifestyle Show.

Event Highlights:

  • Interactive Experiences: Seminars, test the latest e-bikes and golf carts, and experience boat trials.
  • Family Activities: BMX shows, local skateboarding competitions, beach yoga, tiki boat cruises, and Halloween costume contests.
  • Superstore Showcase: Discover new products and gain insights from industry experts at our Superstore, featuring specialists from Keller Maring & RV and Lippert.

Reflecting on feedback from last year’s show, Hutchins noted the desire for more RV diversity. “This year, thanks to legislative updates, we’re bringing a broader array of RVs and products to Ocean City, setting a new standard for what an RV show can offer.”

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2024 Show Dates: October 31 – November 3
Location: Roland E. Powell Convention Center, Ocean City, MD

About OC RV & Van Lifestyle Show:

Set against the beach, the OC RV & Van Lifestyle Show is the premier destination for RV lifestyle enthusiasts, offering a blend of outdoor fun, educational opportunities, and the latest industry innovations.

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