Brikl Names Suzanne Pathmanathan its First-Ever VP

Suzanne has stepped up to the plate as Brikl’s VP of Marketing, focusing on delivering ambitious plans for brand awareness.

LEUVEN, Belgium, April 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Brikl, the world’s leading MicroStore e-commerce software platform for custom and promotional businesses and suppliers, has announced that the Company’s Board of Directors has unanimously approved Suzanne Pathmanathan’s appointment as VP of Marketing, effective April 1st, 2022.

Suzanne has over 15 years of experience in copywriting, content marketing, and branding, spearheading the rebrand of boutique fashion labels and startups and delivered Brikl’s company-wide rebrand within a year of her start date. The company’s recent investment and hyper-growth will allow Suzanne to add a substantial headcount to the Marketing department and develop ambitious plans for brand awareness from Q3 onwards.

"I believe that Suzanne is the best person to lead Brikl’s next chapter of marketing growth," Jason Reinhardt, CCO of Brikl, comments. "Marketing is all about storytelling, whether it’s about the brand, the industry, or our merchants’ pain points. As human beings, we are geared towards stories, which is why having someone who can create these moments of joy, wonder, or recognition at the helm makes total sense.

"We’re a company that spots potential and nurtures employees in a uniquely exciting way. Suzanne’s creative mindset, technological focus, and her keen eye for talent made her a natural choice for our first VP. Everything she does showcases her passion and her commitment to Brikl."

"It’s hard for me to imagine a bigger honor than this," Suzanne comments. "Brikl is truly exceptional in so many ways; it’s rare to find a company with an exceedingly superior product and a culture to match, but that’s exactly what you get here.

"A lot of companies talk about diversity in leadership, but that also extends to personalities. As an introvert, there’s nothing more humbling than knowing that your hard work speaks for itself, and in an organization such as Brikl, that’s the loudest voice you can own. There are some incredible opportunities for us on the horizon, and I’m so excited to push industry boundaries alongside our product. We really are one to watch!"

Brikl, the leading next-generation MicroStore software platform, was founded in 2016 by Maarten Boone, Tobias Meixner, and Jason Reinhardt. Their vision was to streamline the way businesses sell custom products online by allowing them to set up MicroStores in under 15 minutes and expedite the design process through placeholders, bulk embellishment, and 3D visualization. For more information, visit

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