BWN Signs Pansexual Independent Pro Wrestler Mr. Grim to Debut at 21-Year Anniversary PPV “Legacy”

ATLANTA, May 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — This month, BWN celebrates its 21-Year Anniversary with the “Legacy” Pay Per View at featuring the debut of pro wrestler Mr. Grim.

“It’s an honor to wrestle for BWN. Out of the thousands of talented wrestlers, I was handpicked,” said Mr. Grim whose resume includes appearances on AEW, MLW, Limitless Wrestling, CZW, AAA (Mexico)

Legacy of Trailblazing Legitimacy of Gay Wrestling Fans and Gay Sexuality
As part of BWN’s ongoing and trailblazing efforts to normalize the legitimacy of gay wrestling fans and their sexuality, the current outreach for new fans is in line with the current trend of artists in all fields stepping out to represent without shame and inspiring others. The Honorary Host is YouTube star Tre Melvin ( who caused a stir when he came out. For 21 years, BWN has provided a platform for wrestling entertainment that can be enjoyed by gay wrestling fans that favor classic pro wrestling battles of will in long matches using methodical holds from pro wrestling to submission to erotic.

Owner Alex Arias says “There have always been erotic wrestling fans, but often the matches produced elsewhere were apartment matches, untrained models in a ring, or hardcore pornography. For the straight fanbase, erotica has always been baked in through “divas” but for the gay fanbase, there was only mockery of gay weddings or gay bashing of crossdressers beaten by straight characters punished for their failure to be gender-conforming and straight. Heat was drawn by feminizing a man as a shameful or obnoxious persona. That has changed with wrestlers like Sonny Kiss (AEW) and the Velveteen Dream character, formerly with WWE.

“One thing I never expected was to actually like being a part of BWN,” said actor Lyon Beckwith (Wonder Woman 1984, “I was allowed to be creative and use my natural gift for acting which was encouraged to flourish and taken beyond and I thank BWN for all of the support and more importantly their friendship.”

Long-time fan Kurt of New York says, “I’ve been a fan of BWN since day one. Since then, BWN has become so much more. It offers erotic matches for those of us who enjoy that. It offers great wrestling for those who are into that. Fortunately, for me, I love both. Which makes me a BWN fan for life.”

The “Legacy” PPV begins at 9PM EST Friday May 28. Tickets are $75 at

Founded in 2000, BWN is the worldwide leader in the production of underground wrestling featuring male and female wrestlers of color that targets a gay customer base, with matches produced in the USA, Haiti, Ghana, and South Africa.

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