BYB Extreme Bare Knuckle Fighting Series Enters Exclusive Partnership with Eventbrite, Streamlining Online Ticketing Services for its Growing Global Fan Base

MIAMI, Sept. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — BYB Extreme Bare Knuckle Fighting Series has announced its exclusive partnership with Eventbrite, a global ticketing and event technology platform. Fans can now enjoy a more streamlined online ticketing service to view current and upcoming BYB Extreme events and purchase tickets. The partnership marks another significant milestone in the company’s strategic growth and dominance in the combat spectator sport. In June 2023, the company announced a broadcast partnership with beIN SPORTS to broadcast its fighting events in the U.S. and Canada.

A modern-day originator of bare knuckle fighting, BYB Extreme has continued to captivate new audiences through an expanded roster of global events that feature the most exciting and purest form of combat sports on the market today.  

Most recently, BYB Extreme held fighting events in Biloxi, Mississippi on September 16; Miami, Florida on August 10; and London, England on June 25. Earlier 2023 dates, including an event in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, which showcased the company’s unique style of bare knuckle fighting through highly anticipated match ups featuring an array of international fighters. From its onset, BYB Extreme has created its own stars, rather than relying on stars from other disciplines without long-term interest in bare knuckle fighting. The company is also a leader in promoting women and multiculturalism in the sport.

Ticketing via Eventbrite will be in effect for the 2023 remaining dates, including October 21 in Rock Hill, South Carolina, and a special to-be-announced location in December.

“This partnership with Eventbrite continues our trajectory of worldwide appeal that we have worked to develop over the last year in particular, with a focused effort towards a sharp increase in our fan base. Having a trusted ticketing partner in place allows us to bring bare knuckle fighting to a new generation of fans globally. As the new frontier in combat spectator sports, BYB Extreme continues to bring action packed fights with experienced bare knuckle fighters and top matchmaking at a premium,” said Gregory Bloom, CEO of BYB Extreme. 

BYB Extreme Fighting Series is a bare knuckle fighting organization founded in South Florida in 2015 by former MMA fighter and current brand ambassador Dhafir (“Dada 5000”) Harris, and former NASCAR team owner Mike Vazquez, whose HRT Motorsports was NASCAR’s first Hispanic team. CEO Gregory Bloom has over 20 years of experience in combat sports as an attorney, promoter and manager.

The smallest fighting surface in combat sports, BYB Extreme’s patented three-sided “Trigon” ring features 60-degree angles that guarantee 180 degrees of adrenaline-filled matches, structured to entertain viewers. Fights are decided by the fighters and not the judges, with a 90% knock-out/finish rate.

Dada 5000, a former mixed martial artist, is a member of the Bare Knuckle Boxing Hall of Fame. He starred in the Netflix Billy Corben documentary “Dawg Fight.” BYB and Dada 5000 are also prominently featured in the upcoming “Dawg Fight 2,” slated for release in early 2024. Harris rose to fame from his staging of backyard bare knuckle fights, which went viral online and subsequently became the subject of the “Dawg Fight.”

Fans can stay tuned for more information and find details on upcoming BYB Extreme events by visiting and following along on social media at @bybextreme. 

ABOUT BYB Extreme:
Originating in South Florida with backyard legend Dada 5000, whose backyard fights gained worldwide popularity online, and was the subject of the Netflix Billy Corben documentary “Dawg Fight.” BYB was founded to harness the excitement of bare knuckle fighting into a more structured product for a wider, more mainstream audience. Since 2015, BYB has worked diligently to grow the reach of bare knuckle on both a domestic and international level, hosting events in Wyoming, Mississippi, Florida, South Carolina, London, and Dubai, and is continuing to work with athletic commissions throughout the U.S. globally to expand the fan base growing sport of bare-knuckle fighting. For more information on BYB, visit and follow @bybextreme on social.

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