CarbonlandDAO and Trust ESG NFTs Protect Forest Biodiversity and Generates Carbon Removal Credits

SHERIDAN, Wyo., March 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Now with the help of blockchain technology, you can prevent deforestation, preserve biodiversity, and enjoy outdoor activities by joining CarbonlandDAO. Blockchain Laboratories LLC is developing ESG NFTs to represent rights to visit and stay in forestland conserved by CarbonlandDAO.

And, if you’re a forest owner, you can generate revenue from the sales of carbon removal credits by enrolling in the Carbonland Trust‘s Carbon Conservation Protocol. It is developing revenue streams for landowners from carbon removal credits and long-term contracts for them.

"We’re using a distributed ledger technology for Carbonland Trust’s ESG NFTs to conserve forest biodiversity and offer property owners more economical benefits to protect trees rather than having them cut down," said Bergsma.

"And, with CarbonlandDAO’s ESG NFTs, you can be part of conservation efforts, have a say in management decisions, and receive recreational opportunities on protected land."

Bergsma is the founder of Blockchain Laboratories LLC, which is a web3 venture studio developing the ESG platforms.

Blockchain Laboratories team members will be at Miami NFT Week April 1-3 and Bitcoin 2022 April 6-7 in Miami Beach to promote the ESG NFTs. If you’re interested in learning more about the company’s ESG focused development, you can visit their website to see what they’re working on.

Carbonland Trust was successfully chosen as an XRPL Wave 2 grant winner. This funding event was a grant of USD 200,000 and is eight times larger than the Wave 1 grant received in September 2021 at USD 25,000 to initially work on the Carbonland Trust protocol.

Starting in April, you can purchase Membership NFTs and governance tokens to be part of CarbonlandDAO. NFTs and tokens can be used for reserving vacation time on nature preserves and for voting on the governance of the DAO.

Right now, during the launch, the company is looking at protecting lands in the U.S. but will be expanding to Canada and Europe, and other countries depending on their real estate laws. CarbonlandDAO and Trust have regenerative guidelines for properties to meet and maintain for the carbon conservation easement.

"We can only buy land in countries that have similar real estate laws to the U.S. to protect token holders. We’re also only looking at countries that have a good land registry and record title system already in place," said Bergsma.

The land must have a biodiverse forest with a mixture of different tree or plant species and can’t be susceptible to disasters such as forest fires to reduce the risk of damaging the ecosystem. It must also be close enough to urban areas for token holders to enjoy the land for recreation purposes.

"We’re looking for forested lands that aren’t planted in the same dense rows for logging. We’re also looking for a mixture of trees and other flora with some type of biodiversity on the property," said Bergsma.

The first round of CarbonlandDAO governance tokens will create a funding pool so we can protect properties that meet our conservation easement criteria, says Bergsma.

The Membership NFTs would be perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. As they offer access to outdoor recreation areas for camping, hiking, and spending time outside with friends and family.

That’s how CarbonlandDAO is different from other conservation organizations. Most people supporting other conservation efforts never have a chance to put a foot on the property they’re helping to protect.

The plan is to manage the land with regenerative principles and to reduce dangers such as forest fires with live-in rangers. Rangers will live in small low impact off-grid buildings with a minimal carbon footprint.

"Any development and improvements made to properties will be sustainable and low impact, and try to use reclaimed materials to reduce the carbon footprint," said Bergsma.

The proceeds from the sale of carbon removal credits from DAO properties will help support conservation efforts and pay for any improvements on the property.

"If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, concerned about deforestation and climate change and would like to be part of the solution, or a forest owner and want to get paid to protect trees then CarbonlandDAO or Carbonland Trust are perfect opportunities for you," said Bergsma.

For further information or to schedule an interview, contact Boone Bergsma, Blockchain Laboratories LLC, at (360) 703-4510 or

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