Celebrating 20 Years of Inspiration: The Carolina Way’s Impact On Leadership

Inspiring New Generations of Leaders and Teams to Work Hard, Smart and Together.

CHAPEL HILL, N.C., March 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The leadership lessons from The New York Times best-selling book The Carolina Way live on 20 years after its original publication in 2004. During this March tournament season, the Bell Leadership Institute will continue to spread the timeless principles of The Carolina Way. Throughout the month of March, Bell Leadership will highlight ways leaders can inspire their teams to “work hard, smart, and together” through a series of dedicated articles that demonstrate how to grow their impact and embrace their roles as key leaders within their organizations.

“The most successful leaders behave in ways that cause three major results: they cause people (1) to work hard, (2) to work smart, and (3) to work together. In this way, they create success.”
– Dr. Gerald D. Bell
Founder & CEO, Bell Leadership Institute

In the approachable and engaging narrative of The Carolina Way, the late Dean Smith, former University of North Carolina Head Men’s Basketball Coach, explains the philosophy and strategy that led him to become one of the most successful coaches of all time. Co-author Dr. Gerald D. Bell, a highly regarded leadership expert and founder of the Bell Leadership Institute, translates these lessons from the court into actions for business leaders that can quickly be put into practice. Through Coach Smith’s leadership, his teams grew to embody his principle of “play hard, smart, and together.” Dr. Bell leverages his professional wisdom to help business leaders “work hard, smart, and together.”

Dr. Bell and the Bell Leadership Institute he founded in 1972 remain steadfast in their mission to build leaders and strengthen organizations across the globe. Through his principles and research, the Bell Leadership Institute has helped to develop the skills of more than 500,000 leaders world-wide. Lessons from The Carolina Way are embedded in the DNA of Bell Leadership and its teachings. Decades after Coach Smith’s tenure at UNC, Bell Leadership Institute continues to make sure great teams are developed and strengthened in Chapel Hill and throughout the world by providing executive education and assessments to build individuals and organizations to be their best, solving today’s challenges and capturing future opportunities.

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