Chasing the Perfect Lighting Conditions and Vibrant Skies is Made Easy Thanks to New Photography Service, Sunhunter

INDIANAPOLIS, Sept. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Golden hour, the time just before sunset and right after sunrise is named for the perfect lighting conditions that make landscapes and subjects come alive with soft, illuminating light. When everything comes together, the results can be spectacular. For landscape photographers, portrait photographers, and filmmakers, finding the perfect skies can be a challenge often requiring a stroke of good luck. Now, a new web service is making finding the ideal lighting and the most vibrant skies quick and easy.

Sunhunter is a web application designed by a photographer for photographers. It looks at several weather metrics including cloud cover, atmospheric moisture, air quality, and precipitation and provides users with an easy-to-understand score from 0 to 10 that projects how vibrant and beautiful the skies will be at sunset and sunrise times. Sunhunter can provide photographers and videographers with sunset and sunrise forecasts both locally and for locations across the United States.

“In most cases, a standard weather forecast does not provide photographers with enough information to determine if the skies will be ideal for shooting,” explains Brandon Smith, founder of Sunhunter. “Sunhunter takes all available relevant meteorological data and makes it easy to understand. With a high enough score, a photographer can be confident that they can pack up all their equipment and drive out to the location they have in mind. There’s no more guessing and hoping that the conditions will be right only to lose time and money with less than favorable lighting or cloud patterns and skies that don’t work for the subject matter. The web service is easy to navigate and the scoring system is simple to understand.”

Subscribers to the affordable service receive daily sunset and sunrise forecasts sent to them via SMS text message and email for any location they choose. Users also have access to a search function that allows them to check the sunset and sunrise forecast for any location in the United States.

“I am a landscape photographer and I initially built the tool for myself to ensure I was shooting when the skies were the most visually interesting,” explains Smith. “After using the tool myself for more than a year, and making many updates and tweaks to the scoring system, I decided to make the tool available publicly so that other photographers and sunset and sunrise seekers could make easy determinations about the conditions.”

Sunhunter is available for $6 per month. There is a 14-day free trial for new users. Currently, the service is only available in the United States. Sunhunter hopes to expand its service to other countries in the future.

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