Discovery Made While Stranded Along a Highway: Self-awareness Leads to Mental Health Awareness

CLEVELAND, Aug. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Max Hobhouse and Sophie Traube, the cyclists for Top to Bottom, found themselves stranded along a highway with a punctured unfixable tire and thoughts about their focus came to light. 

"It seems as if when you are under duress you can feel your self-awareness slipping away," states Sophie. "We kept ourselves light with our mood and laughter and realized what a difference it made in our overall happiness," she continued.  

The cyclists will travel a total of over 4,000 miles, from Portland to New York City to raise awareness and funds for mental health. "It is as if every tire rotation helped with mental clarity," Max expressed. "You can’t deny physical health attributes to mental health, but to increase your self-awareness appears to be vital," Max expressed. 

Max’s life at the University of California, Berkeley, was not easy times. He struggled with a physical injury which led him to his own downward spiral of mental health issues.  Since then, he has put all his efforts into bettering himself.  These included rehab, sobriety, understanding triggers, therapy and more. 

What did Max discover while in the process of cycling over 4,000 miles?  "I know I have made massive strides with my mental health but I am realizing it is a journey with no end," he stated.  "It needs maintained as much as your physical health and all starts with self-awareness," Max emphatically stated. 

Follow their journey on Instagram at t2busa or through their website and cheer them on for ALL of us and better days.

Top to Bottom is a fundraising initiative in aid of two mental health organizations: James’ Place (UK) and the National Alliance on Mental Illness (U.S.A.)

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