Disruptive Sports Group Launches First of Its Kind Financial-Backing Enabling Athletes to Grow Their Careers

The pioneering enterprise offers significant financial support and partnership to athletes at various stages

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Disruptive Sports Group (DSG) proudly announces the launch of a ground-breaking new enterprise designed to provide athletes with significant upfront financial support at any stage of their careers, in exchange for a percentage of their future sports-related earnings. By providing selected athletes with relief from any financial stress, DSG allows them to keep their full energy and focus on excelling in their respective sports. The launch aligns with a pivotal time in the sports calendar, offering an immediate opportunity to engage across various levels and sports verticals. DSG plans to expand its current roster of athletes in the coming months.

Alex Davis, Founder and CEO of Disruptive Sports Group states, “We are excited to introduce DSG and provide a unique opportunity to athletes including access to resources that will directly impact the future of their careers. By partnering with athletes all across the globe, we aim to create relationships that ease their financial stress and allow them to focus on their sport.”

DSG’s primary goal is to curate an elite, real-life fantasy team consisting of athletes from various individual and team sports. With a focus on strategic support, DSG targets athletes who exhibit exceptional talent, dedication, and potential both on and off the field. By supporting both rising stars and seasoned professionals, DSG aims to establish a diverse and dynamic roster of athletes. DSG’s commitment to these athletes will extend beyond the initial financial support, as the company will act as a strategic partner throughout all phases of their career development and beyond.

Mardy Fish, Co-Founder at Disruptive Sports Group shares, “As the sports ecosystem continues to grow, we believe now is the ideal time to support the true driving forces – the athletes. DSG’s unique approach to athlete partnerships offers a diversified roster of talent, across both legacy and emerging sports, and allows us to work as a team to achieve long-term success.”

With the ever-evolving professional, collegiate, and youth sports landscape, DSG is eager to introduce a new type of opportunity for athletes throughout the sports community.

As DSG pioneers this new era of athletic partnership, we are thrilled to spotlight an upcoming superstar on the DSG roster, Joe Pyfer. Not just an impressive force inside the octagon with an undefeated record in the UFC, Joe’s journey embodies the spirit of resilience, determination, and triumph over adversity. Fans will get an intimate look into his life’s challenges, upbringing, and ultimate rise to UFC stardom in the upcoming documentary film, “Journey to the UFC: Joe Pyfer. Directed by Chandler Henry and executive produced and funded by DSG, this poignant film delves deep into the raw and often tumultuous path Joe faced, offering an authentic perspective beyond the limelight. Adding to the film’s anticipation, “Journey to the UFC: Joe Pyfer has been submitted for consideration in upcoming film awards, further testament to its cinematic excellence.

As we excitedly anticipate Joe’s co-main event fight this Saturday, October 7, in Las Vegas, NV, for UFC Fight Night, we’re equally excited for audiences to witness his compelling story soon. Joe’s tale is a testament to the human spirit’s ability to persevere, and at DSG, we’re honored to support athletes like Joe, whose stories inspire both in and out of the sports arena.

About Disruptive Sports Group (DSG):

Disruptive Sports Group (DSG) is a newly established venture by Disruptive, a premier late-stage investor with access to a global investor base, to offer athletes material upfront financial backing at any stage of their careers in return for a piece of their future earnings. The goal of DSG is to provide partnered athletes with the capital and resources necessary to propel them to success. DSG assumes financial risk alongside the athlete and is therefore strongly incentivized to build brand recognition and revenue streams together as partners. For more information, please visit disruptivesportsgroup.com

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