Dogily Tracking Collar: Staying on Top of the Trends and Your Dog

NEW YORK, Sept. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Dogily, a pet fashion brand that focuses on creating the most stylish pieces for you and your dog, has now released a new, functional collar. This collar is designed for comfort, style and to keep dog parents up-to-date on where their furry friend is at all times.

Dogily’s AirTag Leather Dog Collar allows pet parents to add their AirTag to the collar, so they never have to worry about losing sight of their dog. The collar was invented with loving dog parents in mind first. 

“What’s great about our new collar is that dogs are never lost while wearing it. Pet parents always know where their dog is with every step they take. This takes a lot of stress off of pet owners when their dog goes missing,” said Cindy Lee, director of marketing.

Pet parents hear about dogs going missing from time to time, but they never want to believe it will be their dog that it will happen to. However, it’s a lot more common than people realize.

“As loving and devoted pet owners, we rarely expect to lose a pet. Yet each year, more than 10 million pets go missing in North America and more than 75 percent never return home.” — Ontario SPCA

When a dog goes missing every second counts. Dogily’s built-in spot for an AirTag means that dogs who are wearing the AirTag Leather Dog Collar can be found faster! This can prevent dogs from being caught in dangerous situations and potentially avoid a life-altering tragedy.

Not just for safety

Dogily’s innovative AirTag Leather Dog Collar doesn’t only have the added AirTag safety feature, but it also is made with 100% high-quality soft leather that is comfortable and won’t irritate a dog’s neck while wearing it. The collar is also made with a solid gold latch to help it last longer than cheaply made dog collars. 

This collar is not only a leader in safety but also in style. It comes in two colors, brown and black and helps dogs achieve an elegant and classy look while out on their walks. Dogily brings the fun back into functional with their luxurious AirTag Leather Dog Collar.


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