Endurance Zone™ Announces Exclusive Hydration Partnership with The Right Stuff® Hydration from NASA

BALTIMORE, Sept. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Endurance Zone™ today is thrilled to announce it has entered into a strategic partnership with Wellness Brands “The Right Stuff®” as its exclusive Hydration Partner.

With technology and science playing such a critical role in how endurance athletes monitor their training and nutrition through data and analytics, the team at Endurance Zone™ was intrigued by the data and the science behind The Right Stuff®.  The formula was developed by NASA as a solution to address the severe dehydration symptoms astronauts suffer from upon re-entry into Earth’s gravity. 

“For all endurance athletes, hydration is a foundational component of training and competing. Having completed 26 long course triathlons, I am all too aware of the importance of hydration. As someone who has struggled with cramping late into these events and having tried numerous products, the impact on my performance was proof enough for me to realize The Right Stuff® is the real deal. That effectiveness, combined with their company’s commitment to endurance athletes makes this is a great partnership. We knew this was something we had to share with our EZ community,” said Endurance Zone™ CEO J. Todd Jennings.

“When we learned of EZTV, we were immediately excited about the need this streaming service fills for endurance athletes.  There is so much potential for quality educational and entertainment content for this population that we knew we needed to partner with them.  We share the same philosophy of supporting and educating endurance athletes to improve performance and enhance their competition experiences, all while providing entertaining content,” said David Belaga, President/CEO of Wellness Brands Inc.

About Endurance Zone

Started by a group of veteran age group and professional athletes, Endurance Zone is an Endurance Sports Media and marketing company. Providing a comprehensive OTT (Over-the Counter) streaming platform Endurance Zone TV designed to provide all things endurance sports in a single source of positive, informative, inspirational, and entertaining content. Think of it as your omnichannel source for all Endurance Sports.

Currently, 14+ original Endurance Zone™ weekly shows hosted by some of the biggest names in sports such as Challenged Athlete Heroes with host Bob Babbitt of Breakfast with Bob fame, In the Zone with Co-Founder Fireman Rob, and Uncorked with Ironman Champion Meredith Kessler.

Learn more at EnduranceZone.com and EnduranceZoneTV.com

About Wellness Brands

The Right Stuff® was developed by NASA scientists who conducted dozens of studies to develop, refine and optimize the solution that combats astronauts’ severe dehydration they suffer from upon re-entry into Earth’s gravity as well as athletes here on Earth. Studies show The Right Stuff is far superior for:

  • Fighting dehydration symptoms (cramps, headaches, muscle fatigue, etc.)
  • Protecting the body from overheating during times of intense exertion and in high heat settings
  • Increasing endurance by over 20 percent more than any other NASA-tested formula.

Learn more at www.TheRightStuff-USA.com

Contact: J. Todd Jennings

Endurance Zone

Baltimore, Maryland

Phone:(410) 267-4490 ext-500


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