Everest.com Names Vince Lusardi as Chief Experience Officer

Lusardi will oversee the customer life cycle, ensuring positive seller and buyer connection through Everest.com

HOUSTON, Aug. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Everest.com, the only online marketplace geared toward enthusiasts with a passion for the great outdoors, has announced the appointment of Vince Lusardi as Chief Experience Officer. In this position, Lusardi will implement his years of experience and understanding of the consumer market to build and expand the online community.

Prior to working with Everest.com, Lusardi served as Chief Design Officer and then later as Chief Creative Officer at Catch Co. for 10 years during which he focused on DTC e-Commerce and lead generation. Lusardi has ample understanding of the consumer market and the ability to develop a sense of brand community and believes strongly in the power of brand experience through design, storytelling, and content strategy.

"My mission as Chief Experience Officer of Everest.com is to empower the connection between sellers and consumers through engagement by celebrating the outdoors," said Lusardi. "I’m passionate about wellness and love how the outdoors helps us grow into better versions of ourselves. That’s what excites me about Everest’s mission, helping individuals find their Everest."

To bring this differentiation to Everest, Lusardi plans to implement two-way community engagement strategies. He believes strongly in the power of engaging with consumers to build relationships and connections, ensuring the brand effectively meets customer needs. Through this method Lusardi will assist Everest.com in delivering a new definition of outdoor niche marketplace experiences that serve the goals of the outdoor community.

"Lusardi’s years of creative experience within the consumer market and outdoor space have provided him the ideal skillset to help us exceed our goals for community engagement and consumer connection at Everest.com," said CEO, Bill Voss. "We are creating a new space for outdoor creators and the community to connect, building experience beyond the storefronts themselves that invites dialogue and interactions, and we’re thrilled to have Lusardi onboard for this journey."

About Everest.com

Driven by our Caliber members, the Everest mission is to create the largest marketplace on earth for the outdoor recreation community – a place where retailers can sell gear, apparel and accessories for all outdoor recreational activities including hiking, camping, biking, rock climbing, winter sports, watersports, team sports, fishing, hunting, kayaking, rafting, road and trail running, and much more. Everest is a place where like-minded consumers can learn, interact, participate and shop. Ultimately, we are a community of like-minded, non-discriminating, conservation-loving outdoor living retailers, manufacturers, distributors and consumers. Join the movement today. For more information on the Everest marketplace, visit the marketplace at www.everest.com.

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Camille Dawson

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