FiberSport USA Adjusts The FiberSport PRO Discus To Remove The “The Unfair Advantage”

DALLAS, May 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In 2021, FiberSport USA produced the FiberSport Platinum PRO Discus in the USA, which had advantages over everything else on the market. The IAAF certification process was very strict. The company submitted it several times only to be informed that it was an “Unfair Advantage” and needed more stringent tolerances to meet their precise certification process.

FiberSport USA was committed to meeting these requirements, and it took over a year to adjust and refine those tolerances to align with WORLD Athletics’ exact I.A.A.F. Standards.

In 2023, World Athletics accepted the improvements and changes and presented the FiberSport PRO Discus with an IAAF Certification of Approval in the 1k and 2k versions.

Just in time to be used in the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, FiberSport USA is currently shipping pre-orders out to top athletes who are currently on the waitlist and throwing over 60 meters to help them qualify for the trials.

Soon, the company will introduce a 1.6K High School FiberSport Platinum PRO version and a FiberSport Gold Pro at 83 % rim weight in 1k1.5K1.6K– and 2k sizes.

FiberSport Platinum PRO’s recent top throw was over 69.16 meters, the #1 USA throw and the 4th best throw in the World this year.

Connor Bell, a top New Zealand National record-holder thrower, acknowledged “That the FiberSport PRO disc is a well-engineered throwing implement. The materials offer a superb feel, and the high rim weight is perfect for throws beyond 60 meters or more.”

Rodney Brown, All-American, 2-time SEC Champion, and 3-time All-SEC, says, “He has thrown the PRO more consistently than any other discus. And applauds the flight and stability of the Discus.”

Marcus Gustaveson, who constantly throws over 64 meters, praises “How balanced and smooth the throw is in his hand. He has set his new goals to throw farther this coming season!”

Elena Bruckner, USA 2020 Olympian who throws over 62 meters, says, “The FiberSport Pro feels so good in my hand. Most heavy-weight rim discs feel weighty and are not smooth at delivery. I always get a good release and flight with my FiberSport PRO.”

Maggie Mullings, College thrower for the University of Oklahoma, “The FiberSport Platinum PRO has helped me throughout my Highs School and current throwing career to navigate all conditions due to its expertly engineered virtually seamless design.”

Caleb Seal, CEO of Throw Town Ramona, Millican Field OKLAHOMA throwing facility, has expressed “His astonishment at the precision-fitted plate and rim design of the FiberSport PRO Discus. He hails it as a “GAME CHANGER,” a performance-enhancing implement. The rim is akin to an airplane wing, hollowed to provide exceptional stability in flight. We have rigorously tested the FiberSport PRO with numerous athletes at our facility.”

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