Firefly Recovery Sponsors Two Teams Racing in The Speed Project

LOS ANGELES, May 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Firefly Recovery is providing recovery to two teams in a grueling 340-mile race that sets off May 28th at 4 a.m. The Speed Project, a relay that starts at the Santa Monica Pier and ends at the Vegas Strip, is a coveted challenge for amateurs and ultrarunners. 

“These types of challenges are such an addicting mix of fun, grit, pain, teamwork, strength, and sheer stupidity, which is why we and the other 30 teams from around the country keep coming back,” said Brianna Sacks, a runner and documentarian on the Dusk Patrol team. 

After a year in quarantine, the fourteen athletes on “Dusk Patrol” and “Dawn Patrol” are ready to run. But, after so much time off and a race that truly challenges the body, recovery is more critical than ever. 

Dusk Patrol Team Captain John Marino understands the importance of recovery and recommended Firefly Recovery to his team-mates because “as a long-distance road runner, I spend more time weekly focusing on recovery than I actually do training. Recovery is the key to the performance demands we put on our body. I prefer utilizing recovery tools such as firefly, given that it’s a device that does the work for you once applied to the body.”

The Speed Project is a unique race and Firefly is a unique recovery device. Firefly is a clinically proven athletic recovery device that provides faster full-body recovery to pro and collegiate athletes as well as elite and everyday runners. It is small, portable, easy-to-use, and highly effective, especially for a race of this magnitude where the runners will traverse terrain as taxing as the desert in Death Valley, recovery is crucial.

“Firefly Recovery is excited to support these tremendous athletes,” said Lauren Campbell, CMO of Firefly Recovery, “all runners require recovery, but the Speed Project runners will really benefit from faster recovery from our portable and easy-to-use recovery devices.” Firefly Recovery will be cheering on the 14 athletes as they head onto the 340-mile desert course. 

“What’s really amazing is that most of us have never met, so the idea of putting a bunch of strangers in an RV after a year of quarantine feels so strange and taboo, but also really exciting,” Sacks said. “It’s a beautiful experience to not know a person and then see them push themselves through a really difficult section, to see them overcome their own barriers and fears for the good of the team. There’s really nothing more inspiring.” 

About Firefly Recovery
Firefly Recovery is a leading provider of clinically proven, portable recovery technology to help athletes reduce recovery time and relieve muscle soreness. Firefly is used by over 150 professional and collegiate teams, as well as elite professional and amateur athletes, U.S. Military special forces, and everyday sports enthusiasts to recover faster and train harder. Whether in the training room, post-workout, or on-the-go, Firefly is redefining recovery for athletes everywhere. For more information visit or @fireflyrecovery.

About The Speed Project
Founded in 2014, The Speed Project (TSP) is a unique 340-mile endurance ultra-relay race from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. For more information follow @thespeedproject.

Lauren Campbell, Firefly Recovery
Los Angeles, CA

SOURCE Firefly Recovery

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