First Mariners Club Launches Innovative Yacht Subscription Service for South Florida Snowbirds

MIAMI, Nov. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — First Mariners Club is pleased to announce the launch of an exclusive yachting experience designed to cater to snowbirds wintering in South Florida. First Mariners Club understands the unique needs of snowbirds who spend their winters in South Florida. In a groundbreaking move, their subscription model is tailored to provide these members with an extraordinary benefit—freedom from payments during the months they aren’t in Florida. Snowbirds can relish their yachting experiences without the burden of additional expenses during the summer months when they’ve returned to their primary residences. This approach not only simplifies the subscription process but also aligns perfectly with the lifestyle of snowbirds, making First Mariners Club the ideal choice for those seeking an exclusive yachting experience during their winter escapes.

Unparalleled Yachting Experience

First Mariners Club, based in South Florida, serves as the exclusive gateway to meticulously maintained yachts, including both new and late-model vessels. As part of the all-inclusive subscription, members can embark on carefree journeys aboard pristine yachts stocked with all the necessary amenities. Unlike conventional boat clubs that come with restrictions, no overnight options, and long-term commitments, First Mariners Club has elevated the yachting experience within a subscription model and a dedicated Concierge service that caters to every need, ensuring members have a luxurious, hassle-free experience.

Membership Benefits

The club’s all-inclusive subscription extends a warm invitation to snowbirds seeking an exclusive yachting experience. By limiting the number of members for each vessel, First Mariners Club ensures that intimacy and personalization are at the forefront of the service. Members can leave behind the usual concerns of boat ownership, as the club manages everything from maintenance to dockage, including cleaning and storage costs. It’s all taken care of, leaving members with a singular focus: enjoying their time on the water.

The state-of-the-art reservation system is yet another benefit, simplifying access to club vessels and events, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience. No more battling for limited boat slots; First Mariners Club offers convenient and easy access to its yachts.

Meet the Co-Founder: Kevin Dorry

First Mariners Club is the brainchild of entrepreneur and adventurer, Kevin Dorry. With a successful track record as the founder of a web development firm and co-founder of RewardJet, a program boasting over 300,000 members, Dorry brings his entrepreneurial experience to this innovative subscription model. Beyond the corporate world, he is an Ironman triathlete, marathoner, licensed pilot, 200GRT boat captain, and master scuba diver. His passion for exploration and commitment to excellence have been pivotal in shaping First Mariners Club into a leading subscription-based yachting service.

Join the Subscription Yachting Revolution

First Mariners Club invites South Florida’s snowbirds to embark on an extraordinary yachting adventure under its all-inclusive subscription model, free from the burdens of boat ownership. This innovative yachting experience is the ultimate way to enjoy South Florida’s pristine waters, irrespective of your yachting background.

For detailed information and to explore subscription options, please visit First Mariners Club.

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SOURCE First Mariners Club