Flatbike Introduces the Rugged, Full-size Adventure Bike for Small Spaces

KIRKLAND, Wash., March 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Flatbike, Inc, is introducing the CHANGE Folding Adventure Bike, a full-size bicycle that is engineered for all-terrain use, yet folds in half quickly to fit in an RV, boat, truck cab or car trunk. This versatile bike is hand-assembled in the Pacific Northwest and available for immediate purchase, with free shipping in North America.

If you’re among the millions of space-constrained Americans who would love to take a full-size bike with you on adventures but simply don’t have the space to put it, this could finally be the answer. The CHANGE Folding Adventure bike is a full-size, straight bar hybrid bicycle, designed for all-terrain use—that folds in half in under a minute to fit in a space just 37″ x 14″ x 30″.

Gearing unlike any other folding bike

With full-size 700c wheels, there is no size limitation to overcome with gearing. Consequently, this bike’s drivetrain rivals the most versatile full-size bikes of any type, with a total range of 466% for the single crank, and 572% for the double crank version.

“Gearing alone has major implications for an all-terrain bike,” says Bob Forgrave, president of Flatbike. “If you’re hauling supplies or climbing hills, you’ll want a low gear. And if you’re on a long ride, you’ll want a higher gear. This bike’s range fits it all in one neat package that folds in half for storage.”

The CHANGE Folding Adventure Bike was specially designed for the space-saving needs of the boating and RV communities.

Bikes on boats

Boat ownership surged 40% during the pandemic, with 11.9% of US households now owning a boat (Boating Statistics in 2024, Quicknav.com). 95% of those boats are 26 feet or less in length, leaving no room for a full-size bike. Yet a bicycle is invaluable for transportation to and from the dock, trips into town, provisioning supplies, and simply exploring the area beyond the marina.

Bikes in RVs

Recreational vehicle interest is at a record high, with 11.2 million U.S. households owing an RV and 46 million Americans planning on taking an RV trip in the next 12 months. (Gorving.com). It’s not uncommon to see RVs with full-size bicycles strapped to the back in various levels of repair and ridability as auxiliary transportation, exploring aids, or simply tending to campground tasks.


Flatbike, Inc. has been focused on portable adventure since 2016. The company started with add-on, space-saving components to fold an existing bike flat, and eventually started reselling full-size folding bikes from Changebike, LTD in Taiwan. Today, Flatbike designs and sells an entire line of space-saving bikes built in the Pacific Northwest around the CHANGE folding frame.

All bikes get a 16-point quality check, 30-day money-back guarantee, and free shipping in North America.
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SOURCE Flatbike, Inc.