Former Homeless Man, Kyle Kirms, Builds Multimillion-Dollar Online Sports Handicapping Platform and YouTube Channel Based on Honesty, Transparency, and Pure Data – The Sauce Network

TINTON FALLS, N.J., Oct. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Professional handicapper Kyle Kirms ( announced that his legal online betting resource, The Sauce Network, had recently grown exponentially in popularity, with over 26,000 YouTube subscribers and over 1,200 core VIP subscribers so far. The Sauce Network provides regularly updated multi-sport league rankings, advanced stats, deep-level unbiased analysis, industry overviews, and in-depth YouTube discussions that help peel away the intentional layers of confusion and secrecy often fostered by traditional online sportsbooks. Kirms has grown a devoted following, building a multimillion-dollar platform based on affordable subscription access to his no-nonsense, "here’s how the industry works" approach.

Kirms recently explained the genesis of The Sauce Network, outlining his overall goals:

"What I’m doing has never been done before in this business. Basically, I’ve taken the exploding sports betting industry and I’ve simplified it for the average enthusiast. With a single monthly subscription, I’m providing winning success to VIP viewers for just about $1/day. The results are what set me apart from my competition – the proof is in the stats. I don’t hide losses, and I don’t pretend there are no bad days; we all have them. Anyone can view every single bet I place, at any time. My subscribers always know that I put into action every analysis I make. That’s a level of trust you just cannot find anywhere else."

Online Sports-Betting Handicappers

"Online handicappers are a dime a dozen and many of them are scammers. You can usually spot them quickly with one single important red flag: they don’t show you their wins/losses in a verifiable way. And they always use ‘Right Now!’ language. They always encourage you to use their picks ‘Right Now!’ This is a bad sign because it’s not how handicapping works. If you’re betting for income over the long term – as most enthusiasts are – you’re looking to be up after a couple of months, six months, or a whole season. You’re not supposed to be betting in a way that makes you think you can make a fortune in one night. That’s a pipe dream, and one used by scammers to make money on the hopes of their viewers. It is why one of the most important lessons I give involves teaching people how to spot fake handicappers."

Traditional Online Sportsbooks

"My ultimate goal is to teach people how to gamble online legally and professionally. Sports betting for income is a long-term investment, not a get-rich quick scheme. It’s vitally important that people understand this. And you have to be careful of working through traditional sportsbooks: they own many of the media influencers and they control the flow of content, especially from anyone who gains any sort of following or power in the business. The industry swoops in and make a generous offer to keep those influencers under their wing. That’s not how I do business at all. I will never cave to big-player pressure. I want to take power away from these sportsbooks by teaching the public how to bet conservatively and responsibly for an income. Sports betting is just another form of investment. And the more enthusiasts learn that truth, the more power and freedom they’ll get to be in control of their own income and their own lives." 

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