Functional Eating: An Online Nutrition Coaching Business Announces New Influencer Owner

KANSAS CITY, Mo., April 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Functional Eating, a leading online nutrition coaching business, is proud to announce its new full-time business owner. Jacob Heppner, a well-established personality in the CrossFit community and online influencer, is taking his nine years of experience in the fitness industry and bringing it to this online nutrition coaching business. As an experienced entrepreneur with a strong background in the health and wellness industry, Jacob Heppner will use his talents to help individuals seeking personalized nutritional guidance and support.

Heppner originally became part of the Functional Eating brand as a partner, but recently acquired full ownership. The online CrossFit influencer entered the fitness industry around 2014 and has since gone on to own and operate several different businesses, the newest of which is Functional Eating.

“Competing in CrossFit at a high level I learned very early on that nutrition is key. You can’t outwork a bad diet! Being a client of Functional Eating was crucial to my success, and I want folks to understand this is for everyone, not just elite athletes!” said Heppner.

Established in 2020, Functional Eating is an online platform designed to connect users with personalized nutritional support. Through their exclusive mobile app — which can be connected with Fitbit, Apple devices, and MyFitnessPal — users are matched with an online nutrition coach according to their individual fitness needs and overall wellness goals. With the assistance of Functional Eating’s in-house coaches, users follow a personalized eating plan and have face-to-face interactions every two weeks, providing one-on-one attention and accountability throughout their entire journeys.

In addition to the premium nutrition plans provided through the Functional Eating app, users also have access to the company’s in-house Registered Dietitian, Lindsay Nelson. Nelson works with individuals who have medical conditions to determine a safe and effective daily nutrition plan while also providing additional support. The Functional Eating website also offers numerous resources, blog articles, and helpful advice regarding nutrition and different recipes users can make for themselves at home.

Functional Eating’s nutrition app coaching services start with a free online consultation between the brand and portal users. After that, clients enter a three-month commitment to build a solid platform for users and to ensure results from the individualized plan. After the initial commitment, the company user accounts operate on a month-to-month basis to provide ongoing health support.

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About Functional Eating:

Functional Eating is a nutrition coaching business that recently acquired a new full-time owner, Jacob Heppner, an online CrossFit influencer and fitness personality. Through a mobile app and resource-filled website, users receive a premium, relationship-based macro plan and nutrition coach. Living by the motto “Temper Your Lifestyle,” their platform is designed for individuals who want to experience the fullest life, reach their health and wellness goals while living a balanced lifestyle. Learn more about Functional Eating and how to join their platform at


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