Gear Hugger, Maker of Eco-Friendly Home and Garage Innovations, Introduces Dry Bike Lubricant

The Non-Toxic Formula Ensures Superior Adhesion with Impactful Antioxidant and Anti-Wear Properties

SOLANA BEACH, Calif., April 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Gear Hugger, a brand created to preserve your favorite gear and protect the planet, today announces the launch of its latest sustainable innovation: Dry Bike Lubricant. Using a non-toxic, plant-based formula with a vegetable oil base, Gear Hugger’s Dry Bike Lubricant offers powerful adhesion with superb antioxidant and anti-wear properties, providing long lasting protection. 

Gear Hugger balances performance with environmental responsibility by applying long-lasting dry film technology that repels dirt in dry, dusty conditions and provides enduring protection to ultimately keep your bike going longer and more waste out of our landfills, aligning with Gear Hugger’s goal of turning throwaway culture into upkeep culture. While popular bike lubricants utilize toxic petroleum in their products, Gear Hugger’s is a 96% USDA Certified Bio-Based Product, 100% biodegradable, and free of petroleum, fossil fuels and VOCs, introducing fewer toxic chemicals to you, your bike and your trail. It is currently undergoing consideration by the EPA for the Safer Choice Certification.

Gear Hugger Dry Bike Lubricant is easy to apply due to its incredible design that ensures that the lubricant is deposited in the core of each chain link, which facilitates oil penetration and prolongs its life by preventing wear of parts caused by friction. The lubricant provides smoother and more effective gear shifting, without accumulation of the lubricant on chains, and protects against environmental contaminants.

“On a mission to green-ify garages and offer consumers eco-friendly alternatives in the home and garage space, we’re elated to cement ourselves as sustainability leaders in the bike industry with this launch,” said Checo Diaz, founder of Gear Hugger. “Many cyclists don’t realize they’re inadvertently introducing toxic chemicals to the environment when they use petroleum-based lubricants, so this is the perfect opportunity for consumers to adopt greener practices to safeguard their bike chain and prolong the lifespan of their bikes.”

To celebrate the launch and National Bike Month in May, Gear Hugger is partnering with electric bicycle brand 101 Bikes to giveaway a one-of-a-kind e-bike valued at $2,695. Four second place winners will receive a Clean Bike Kit filled with Gear Hugger products, bike accessories, and more. Gear Hugger invites consumers to join the Ridin’ Dirty Clean Revolution and enter to win a custom e-bike on its website at

Gear Hugger will also be showcasing and sampling the Dry Bike Lubricant, along with the brand’s existing line of eco-friendly innovations at its first athletic event, the Sea Otter Classic, held in Monterey, California from April 18-21.

Gear Hugger’s newest launch joins the brand’s sustainable product line, including the award-winning Multi-Purpose Lubricant and Heavy-Duty Degreaser, along with the Rust Protection, which was launched this January and excels in rust removal due to its superior penetrability, and prevents further rust from reforming with its vegetable oil base.

The Dry Bike Lubricant will be available at major retailers in 2024, including REI and Dick’s Sporting Goods with an SRP of $9.95 for a 3.2 oz. bottle. All Gear Hugger products can be found nationwide at Amazon,, REI, True Value, and select regional retailers with line pricing of $12.89 for 11 oz. cans.

About Gear Hugger

Based in Solana Beach, CA, Gear Hugger is on a mission to keep gear in play longer, reduce waste, and help protect the planet. Gear Hugger offers award-winning, plant-powered, non-toxic household products that mend the gap in the market for non-toxic, safe options. The Gear Hugger Multipurpose Lubricant is an all-purpose, eco-friendly, and non-toxic lubricant with 3x the lubricating power than leading petroleum brands. Its Heavy-Duty Degreaser is formulated with a plant- and water-based, non-toxic formula to sustainably break down grime without leaving residue behind. The Rust Protection utilizes a vegetable oil base to provide an eco-friendly, anticorrosive solution that forms a protective layer on metal surfaces. Its newest product, Dry Bike Lubricant, ensures superior adhesion and lasting bike chain protection with a vegetable oil base that combines natural extracts and eco-friendly additives. For more information, how-to videos, and tips, please visit

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