Get Folks Fishing Foundation Announces “Secret Tackle Box” Program

Members receive brand name fishing tackle as contribution thank-you gift

NEW YORK, May 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In support of Mental Health Awareness Month, Get Folks Fishing Foundation (GFF) has created the GFF Secret Tackle Box Membership program to help get folks fishing for mental health and social wellness.

"There’s no better way to say thank you than with something every angler wants and needs: a tackle box filled with quality, name-brand fishing tackle," explains Michael de Avila, Founder and Director of GFF and Creator/Host of the long-running, fishing TV series, Lunkerville.  "The success of the tackle box subscription model is what spawned the idea for GFF’s Secret Tackle Box membership. And with 100% of every donation going toward helping us bring awareness to better mental health for individuals and communities through recreational fishing, it’s a membership with a mission."

Three tiers of GFF membership are offered, with Secret Tackle Box deliveries once, twice or three times per year, depending on the member level.  The positive influence of recreational fishing on better mental health is no longer ambiguous.  One study by the Australian government found that considerable health and well-being benefits can be gained by recreational fishing — most significantly for young people with behavioral and mental health issues, as well as seniors coping with aging.1 

However, not nearly enough people are even thinking of fishing as a wellness option.  A recent survey by the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation revealed only 18% of the US population ages 6 and up fish recreationally.2 GFF has a mission to change that stat and is directing much of its outreach to media that can help spread the word. 

We want to make the GFF Secret Tackle Box a "must-have" for anglers, both novice and avid, by making the program a "must-participate" for tackle companies, who can feel even better about promoting their quality products by participating in a worthy and timely cause.

The Lunkerville Facebook Page will be updated regularly with announcements, and gift box reveals:

About Get Folks Fishing Foundation

The GFF Foundation was officially formed in 2021 during the global pandemic by outdoors TV show host, Michael de Avila, to advance recreational fishing as an important activity for improved mental health and social wellness through media outreach and community support.

1 Identifying the health and well-being benefits of recreational fishing 
2 2021Special Report on Fishing

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