Golf is Withering, Not Growing. ‘Save and Grow the Game’ Tees Up a Revolution – Affordable Golf Initiative Breaks Down Barriers, While On Course to Make Golf Affordable and Accessible for All

ST. JOHNS, Fla., May 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — MMC Corporate, a visionary leader in golf course operations and marketing, announced the launch of their bold and transformative initiative: Save and Grow the Game. Aiming to revolutionize the golf industry, the initiative is designed to make golf more affordable, diverse, and all-inclusive – challenging the common misperception that the sport of golf is only suitable for the privileged.

“Golf is everyone’s game,” said Chuck Thompson, MMC Founder and CEO. “Making the sport accessible to all demographics, regardless of where they fall on the socio-economic pyramid, is not just feasible, but essential for the growth of the game.”

A recent analysis revealed a concerning trend in the golf industry. While the U.S. population has increased by over 10% since 2005, the number of 18 hole golf facilities has decreased by 33%. This problem is especially evident among courses that serve working-class players, which are disappearing at an alarming rate.

The concept behind Save and Grow the Game is simple yet unique. MMC is offering affordable golf course memberships for a growing collective of courses, with prices as low as $59 per year. This radical pricing model has already been successfully implemented in nearly 500 golf courses around the United States since 2006, and the company aims to expand this effort exponentially: eventually including hundreds, if not thousands of courses.

Beyond making golf more affordable, the initiative also preserves golf courses as beautiful open green spaces, beneficial to the environment and the entire community. The effort will save industry jobs, support struggling golf course owners, and deter the conversion of golf courses into housing developments.

By offering affordable memberships, MMC Corporate hopes to attract new and casual golfers, fostering a more diverse community of players and reinvigorating the sport. And members of the Save and Grow the Game program will always have first access to membership drives, renewal campaigns, and other benefits.

Sign up now for a free Diamond Membership. Membership includes:

  • First access to information, including real-time access to drives and renewal campaigns at participating golf clubs.
  • Find facilities near friends, relatives, or travel destinations; get email notifications for new clients added to the directory.
  • Member exclusives, like access to information on current and future projects, including launch dates, prices, special offers, and more.
  • Free ongoing renewals for the duration of the program.

“This initiative is all about other people, communities, the environment, and the game,” Thompson said. “Currently, MMC launches between 20 and 30 new golfer acquisition campaigns each year. With member help, our goal is to launch at least 100 in the first year, 200 in the second year, 400 by year three, and continue doubling through year eight – ultimately doubling the number of 18-hole facilities across America.”

About Save and Grow the Game

MMC Corporate is a visionary organization dedicated to revitalizing the golf industry. Its groundbreaking initiative, Save and Grow the Game, seeks to make golf affordable and accessible to all, fostering partnerships with players and golfing courses in a diverse, all-inclusive golfing community. Save and Grow the Game is transforming the industry, one golf course at a time. Learn more at:

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Chuck Thompson, Founder and CEO

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