HALEVAI set to “Wake” Up the Boating Industry The Most BadAss Pontoon Ever, To Be Released in 2022

NEW YORK, March 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — HALEVAI, the New York based boat builder, announced a summer 2022 date for the release of their debut craft – a fully electric-powered 24′ pontoon boat. Owners of the American made HALEVAI2050 will be blown away by the superior performance and near silent operation of the electric propulsion system. The 2050 offers a feature set never before seen in this category. "Going electric," means less maintenance and zero gas expense – equating to an average of 60% annual savings.

"We are living in an era of electrification. More and more renewable energy sources are filling up our grid. In turn, this cleaner energy will drive us into our future," said HALEVAI Co-Founder and CEO, Frank Heidinger. "In our design and production process, we have given a lot of consideration to the affordability to power ratio. One of our principal objectives in creating HALEVAI was that our boats be priced competitively. We have successfully crafted a boat which excels in safety, performance, range, stability, maneuverability, and ease of operation. With significantly cheaper fueling and lower annual maintenance, owners will be able to spend more time out on the water exploring our country’s vast marine landscapes."

The HALEVAI2050 will be highly customizable (partial list, below) and available in varied color profiles inspired by the great American landscapes – mainly alpine mountain peaks, surf and coastline, red rock canyons, white sand beaches and mangrove forests. Starting at $95,000, the HALEVAI pontoon is the most affordable fully electric boat in its class. 

This Summer, HALEVAI will be touring the boat throughout select lake and coastal communities across the United States. Each destination will be a unique production catered to the geography with a concentration on celebrating that local community.  The stops will highlight HALEVAI’s prototype, journey, and their commitment to ensuring a long-term positive impact on recreational boating. Attendees will be engaged throughout the event by special guests, performers, live entertainment, interviews, and talks.

"The boating industry is ripe for change. Not just in the technology and materials being used in the build process, but in the overall approach to the market," said HALEVAI Co-Founder and COO Evan Licht. "At HALEVAI, while what drives our core business is a heightened attention to safety, performance, and overall detail – our boats have an energy all their own.  Our messaging is fresh, our brand stance is unique and as a result our reach is broad.  We are getting ready to announce the HALEVAI2050 in a manner which US boating enthusiasts have never experienced."

Each HALEVAI2050 is custom built and equipped with:

  • High-quality marine grade battery systems
    • 60kWhr (Standard Range), 80 kWhr (Extended Range)
  • Range of motors systems available from 75kWhr (100HP) to 125kWhr (175HP)
  • Cruising speed of 20 Knots
  • Full day battery life 50NM Range 
  • Powertrain system build in partnership with HyperCraft (www.hypercraft.com)
  • Starting from $95,000 with financing options to be available with delivery 9-12 months from order date
  • Customization
    • sound system, seating configurations, various "power" packages for a faster ride + charging, sun protection, cooler and grill packages, onboard shower

Founded in 2020, HALEVAI is a new concept boat manufacturer focused on design, reliability, and conservation.  Our debut craft, the HALEVAI2050, is a 24′ pontoon boat that will be released Summer 2022 and is the first high performance boat in its category to be fully electric battery powered. The entry power system will provide 50+ NM range and reach cruising speeds of over 20knots. The boat will be highly customizable with the consumer able to choose from color schemes inspired by unique American lake and coastal landscapes, unique seating configurations, audio systems and power packages for increased range and speed. HALEVAI’S mission is to provide renewable energy focused marine solutions to the US boater market. HALEVAI is committed to leading the movement in renewable energy, material innovations and better building method solutions which aid in correcting the course of environmental damage while providing an approachable, meaningful, and long-lasting experience for its followers.

For more information or to join the HALEVAI "movement" please go to halevai.com or @halevaipower on Instagram.

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