Injured Soccer Player Creates All-In-One Multi Sport Sock For Unmatched Protection and Injury Prevention

NEW YORK, Aug. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Sportswear brand MediCaptain launched their first crowdfunding campaign for their latest athletic protective gear titled MediCaptain, the ultimate soccer sock with all-in-one protection. Created by established entrepreneur Yaqub Najimi, MediCaptain are a range of patent-pending socks that bring together all the essential protective gear a player needs.

Featuring a range of two socks, the MediCaptain Ultimate is an all-in-one sock designed for soccer players. It features a built-in honeycomb silicone shin guard, metatarsal shock padding, and grip sock technology. MediCaptain have added rubber grips on both the inside and outside for maximum anti-slip prevention.

The MediCaptain Lite is tailored for casual play and can be used in any sport that involves cleats and contact. This sock includes shock protection padding, premium moisture wicking, breathable materials, a reinforced toe and grip sock technology for an anti-slip feel and snug fit.

The MediCaptain Sports Sock has garnered early attention from athletes, coaches, and sports enthusiasts who are eager to experience the benefits of this innovative product. With its official launch, athletes of all levels now have access to a game-changing tool that can potentially transform the way they train and compete.

“I was inspired to create this project after suffering injuries, specifically to the metatarsal region of my foot, when I was a teen,” said Yaqub, Founder of MediCaptain. “The metatarsal region of the foot is very vulnerable to injury, whilst serious injuries such as metatarsal fractures, bone bruises, permanent nerve damage and more can occur when getting impacted by boot spikes and getting stepped on by opposing players. The MediCaptain addresses these vulnerabilities and provides protection by using a flexible silicone padding that covers the metatarsal region, and protects the wearer.”

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About The MediCaptain Sports Sock: The MediCaptain Sports Sock is a cutting-edge athletic gear designed to address the unique challenges faced by athletes during training and competitions. With a focus on support, comfort, and injury prevention, the MediCaptain Sports Sock is poised to revolutionize the way athletes approach their sports endeavors.

Available in S to XL sizes, MediCaptain Socks are available to pre-order on Kickstarter and are looking to raise $4,000. Perks include an Early Bird discount of $25 for one pair of MediCaptain Lite Grip Socks and free delivery in the US.

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