Innovative Ski Boot Company Seeks Industry Leader to Further Scale Business

Mad Jack Snowsports is pursuing a buyer for its revolutionary Ski and Alpine Touring Boot Company

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif., Sept. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Mad Jack Snowsports is the innovative snowsports manufacturing company that launched its patented MadJacks, a revolutionary ski boot that allows the user to ski in the comfort of a snowboard boot. The company is also responsible for producing a similar innovation in the alpine touring vertical. Mad Jack Snowsports CEO Kristin Mehiel announces today that she is looking to sell the company in order to further scale the business.

“The MadJack has been widely successful at disrupting the alpine ski boot industry. Sales have been successful season over season and the formula for success is in place,” said Kristin Mehiel, Mad Jack Snowsports CEO. “However, we want to introduce an industry expert to the company to scale overseas manufacturing and foster retail sales.”   

The MadJack is a patented device and the brainchild of an aerospace engineer. Its versatility morphs snowboard boots into ski bindings, giving snowsports enthusiasts the freedom to ski in comfort. Ski performance is not hindered with the MadJack, and its affordability gives users the freedom to purchase a pair for the entire family.

Coming to market in 2017 with a successful Kickstarter campaign, Mad Jack Snowsports leadership focused sales direct-to-consumer online and through online marketplaces, such as Amazon. In 2019 the Alpine Touring (or AT) version of the MadJack was designed with a similar philosophy, allowing backcountry skiers the ease of trekking in a snowboard boot, but traversing down just like you would in a traditional AT Boot, without compromising performance.

“The formula and playbook are in place for Mad Jack Snowsports to move from startup to large-scale growth, especially with a veteran manufacturing team guiding the company,” said Dr. Eric Mehiel, Co-Founder and Head of Product Development at Mad Jack Snowports. “There are consistent revenues, marketplace validation, and a stellar CPA. I look forward to seeing where a ski industry expert can take this company.”

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About Mad Jack Snowsports

Mad Jack Snowsports is an innovative snowsports manufacturing company based in San Luis Obispo, CA. The company’s ground-breaking product, the MadJacks, allows snowsports enthusiasts to morph their snowboard boots onto ski boots. Affording skiers the comfort of a snowboard boot, married with the performance of a ski boot at a price point that is on average one-third less than a traditional alpine boot, through a simple, patented device. Mad Jack Snowsports is passionate and dedicated to getting people outdoors in an affordable and comfortable manner. The company is dedicated to getting people “on the hill; and happy on the hill.”

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