Introducing ‘Breathe mE’: The Pioneering Hypopressive Breathing Program by Nanda Semenyuk, the First US Certified Hypopressive Coach

BURKE, Va., Jan. 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Nanda Semenyuk, a trailblazer in wellness and fitness, has launched the ‘Breathe mE’ online program with YU2SHINE, marking a significant milestone as the first US certified hypopressive coach bringing this revolutionary technique to the United States.

‘Breathe mE’ is a meticulously curated online course consisting of 23 videos, each spanning 5 minutes. This groundbreaking program is designed to cater to a wide audience, unraveling the science behind hypopressive breathing and its multitude of benefits, such as enhancing pelvic floor strength, improving posture, and boosting respiratory health.

Nanda’s journey to becoming the first US certified hypopressive coach is rooted in her personal triumph over postpartum recovery challenges and scoliosis. Her remarkable transformation through hypopressive breathing led her to obtain certification and pioneer this method in the US.

With ‘Breathe mE’, I aim to open a new chapter in health and wellness,” Nanda expresses. “This program is more than physical conditioning; it’s about empowering individuals through a holistic approach to their well-being.”

Participants have praised the program, with one client stating, “Joining ‘Breathe mE’ has been a life-changing experience. Nanda’s guidance has not only improved my physical health but has also brought a profound sense of mental clarity.”

Offered at an introductory price of $99, ‘Breathe mE’ includes full access to its transformative content. This program represents a unique opportunity for comprehensive health improvement under the guidance of a pioneering expert.

For additional details and enrollment, visit BreathemE.Coach 

Contact: Nanda Semenyuk, Breathe mE Coach with YU2SHINE,

Media Contact:
Victoria Rader