Introducing Hockey Cares: Supporting Those in Need from the Delaware Valley Amateur Hockey Community

PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The Hockey Cares Foundation, a Pennsylvania-qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofit, has launched Hockey Cares to support current and former ice hockey players and their families in the Delaware Valley amateur hockey community. The foundation assists those facing financial challenges due to life-altering experiences from hockey-related accidents or injuries.

Hockey Cares focuses on aiding individuals with traumatic brain injuries, physical disabilities, chronic health conditions, or those who have lost a primary income provider. The foundation’s mission includes providing financial aid for any traumatic event deemed necessary by the Board of Directors.

“Our love for hockey extends beyond the rink. It’s about the community, the families, and the players who have significantly contributed to the sport,” said Joe Paul, founder and president of Hockey Cares and a member of the Southeastern Pennsylvania High School Hockey Coaches Hall of Fame. “Hockey Cares aims to ensure that no member of our hockey family faces financial hardships alone during their most challenging times.”

The foundation seeks to alleviate the financial burden of life-changing events, enabling affected individuals and families to focus on recovery and healing. The aid also supports physical therapy and occupational retraining costs, helping beneficiaries reintegrate into society and maintain a high quality of life.

Joining Paul on the executive team is Vice President Andy Abramson, the former Philadelphia Flyers executive who led the NHL club’s fan development through its youth hockey division, Hockey Central, from 1976 to 1988. Abramson was recently named the 2023 Ed Snider Award recipient by the Snider family and the Atlantic Amateur Hockey Association (AAHA) alongside former Germantown Academy and New York Rangers Hall of Fame goaltender Mike Richter

Also on the leadership team serving as Secretary-Treasurer is Gump Whiteside, former captain of Germantown Academy’s hockey team and recently retired coach at Holy Ghost Prep. Whiteside, who played varsity hockey at Rochester Institute of Technology and currently serves as Associate Coach-In-Chief for USA Hockey’s Atlantic District, brings extensive experience to the role.

“With Gump and Andy, we have a leadership team that understands the complexities and needs of amateur hockey in the Philadelphia area,” Paul added. “Their combined experience is invaluable in guiding an apolitical organization dedicated to charitable purposes.”

Joining the leadership team on the executive board are Judah Siomos and Jim Jacobs. Jacobs, a former Malvern Prep hockey player, brings market research and coaching expertise to the board, along with over 30 years of hockey involvement in the Delaware Valley. Siomos, a registered nurse and Senior Clinical Data Specialist with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) brings medical experience and the ability to evaluate potential recipients’ physical situations. He played youth hockey for the Glaciers and Little Flyers before playing college hockey at New Hampshire College. He currently coaches with the Mercer Chiefs organization in New Jersey.

For more information about Hockey Cares or to support its mission, visit the Hockey Cares website.

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SOURCE Hockey Cares Foundation