KitchenPro Launches First Open Throat Pickleball Paddles

SEVIERVILLE, Tenn., Jan. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — USA Pickleball approved the first-ever open throat design of a pickleball paddle in May, 2021. KitchenPro President and Co-founder, Gregg Brents, proudly introduced this new, revolutionary design into competition in June, 2021.

KitchenPro will officially launch its two models, the BRUTALE FG (Fiberglass face) and BRUTALE CF (Carbon fiber face) on January 18th in Boca Raton, FL at the Association of Pickleball Professionals (APP) Boca Raton Masters Pickleball Tournament.

KitchenPro’s new patent pending design includes the first tubular carbon fiber frame with an open throat below the playing surface of the paddle, similar to the current tennis racquet design. The primary advantage of this design is to enhance the structural integrity and reliability of paddles which are inherently weak in the neck and handle areas. The open throat also provides a quicker swing speed due to slightly less wind resistance, thus resulting in more power.

The carbon fiber frame also contributes to a larger sweet spot than most pickleball paddles on the market. This dramatic evolution in pickleball paddle technology benefits the player with a perfectly balanced paddle, neither head-light or head-heavy. This feature enhances the "feel" every player is looking for to improve their game.

KitchenPro is a new company with the mission of "building better paddles for better players." Gregg Brents, KitchenPro’s President and Co-founder, brings decades of competitive tennis and platform tennis experience to the equipment and technology aspects of pickleball. Gregg is a 2021 US Open Gold and Silver medalist and 2021 US Nationals Silver medalist in pickleball.

With KitchenPro, "Now you’re cookin’!"

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