Legendary Quarterback Boomer Esiason Joins ProVEDA in Promoting Effective, Non-Addictive Pain Relief for Professional Athletes & Weekend Warriors Alike

MIRAMAR BEACH, Fla., March 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — You must learn to cope with pain to play many sports at the highest levels. And all too often, the go-to solution has been some form of highly addictive opioid. To promote a safe alternative for athletes everywhere, ProVEDA today announces a partnership with legendary professional quarterback Boomer Esiason to promote professional-grade, plant-based ProVEDA Max Pain Relief Cream with broad-spectrum CBD (THC-free).

Boomer Esiason, now co-host of The NFL Today on CBS, comments, “I had to quit professional football due to pain. In recent years, the pain has also prevented me from pursuing my passions of recreational hockey and golf. I recently discovered ProVEDA Max Pain Relief Cream, and now I can do the things I love again. If I had ProVEDA before retiring, my career might have been extended for several years.” 

“We are blessed to have Boomer as a spokesperson for ProVEDA,” said Rowland Hanson, cofounder of the company. “Boomer is highly respected by all professional and amateur athletes for his unbiased commentary. His personal experience with ProVEDA is a testament to ProVEDA as an alternative to synthetic pharmaceutical pain relievers.”

While Esiason never used opioids, he witnessed many other players falling victim to opioid addiction, including his good friend, Brett Favre, another legendary professional quarterback, who explains, “During my playing days, I began taking painkillers for a shoulder injury. It quickly relieved my shoulder pain, so when I injured my ankle, I immediately started retaking these pills and didn’t stop. It snuck up on me. Had I started with a topical solution that reduced the pain and made the pain tolerable, I likely would never have had the problem with opioid addiction.”

Tragically, millions have become addicted to opioids and are searching for non-addictive pain management options. ProVEDA Max Pain Relief Cream was developed using plant extracts including menthol and camphor. Menthol and camphor have been utilized in India for thousands of years to topically treat pain without side effects. ProVEDA Max includes these extracts that are considered active ingredients by the FDA and have been verified to be safe and effective. 

“ProVEDA Max Pain Relief Cream is our premier product,” added Scott Grizzle, cofounder of ProVEDA. “We launched the company with this amazing topical pain-relief cream given its verified, superior performance but it is just the beginning of the plant-based therapeutics we will be introducing over the next 24 months.”

For more information about ProVEDA Max Pain Relief Cream, please visit ProVEDA.com.

About ProVEDA

Cofounded by Rowland Hanson, originally instrumental in the branding of Neutrogena and Microsoft, including the naming and global launch of Windows, and Scott Grizzle, the cofounder of CallMD, a telemedicine pioneer, ProVEDA’s professional grade products blend traditional Ayurvedic plant extracts and the modern scientific discoveries of plant stem cells and broad-spectrum CBD (THC-free). ProVEDA’s therapeutic products were developed in partnership with Dabur Research Foundation, the global leader in traditional Ayurvedic medicine, one of the world’s oldest medical systems that remains the basis of India’s healthcare today. All products are manufactured in the U.S. under strict regulatory cGMP compliance to ensure the highest quality control standards. ProVEDA.com

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