Legendary Sports Agent C. Lamont Smith Launches HOFs Podcast

DENVER, Oct. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In the sports industry, there is a correlation between success and recent experience and accolades. This phenomenon is called recency basis. C. Lamont Smith, a licensed attorney and pioneering sports agent, created the HOFs Podcast (“HOFs”) to combat recency bias by looking into the lives of sports legends and serving as a bridge between yesterday’s greats to today’s stars and fans. This groundbreaking podcast exclusively focuses on the careers of Hall of Famers of the same caliber as clients Smith has worked with, including Barry Sanders, Jerome Bettis, Willie Roaf, Steve Atwater, and Joe Thomas.

Host Smith explores the early lives, development, challenges, and paths to the immortality of Hall of Famers in various sports.  The podcast not only provides insights into the making of sports legends but also helps combat the recency bias that often dominates discussions about the Greatest of All Time (“GOAT”). 

“HOFs is for anyone who has obtained greatness or is striving for greatness in any field. The world’s most accomplished athletes tell you in their own words what it took for them to achieve true greatness. In Episode 7 (available now), the winningness coach in college basketball history, Coach Mike Krzyzewski (Coach K), talks about achieving greatness with his Duke Basketball National Championship teams, and US Olympic teams. Coach K is the personification of sustained excellence that we seek to highlight on HOFs,” explains Smith.

Smith also exemplifies greatness. In 2001, Smith was inducted into the Black Entertainment and Sports Lawyers (BESLA) Hall of Fame. He was selected by Black Enterprise as one of the top 50 sports professionals in the country, The New York Times has described Smith as one of the most powerful agents in the country, and Sports Illustrated also named Smith one of the 101 most influential minorities in sports.  Smith’s work as a mentor, legal professional, and now as a podcaster not only showcases his passion for sports but also his commitment to sharing the stories and wisdom behind the success of athletes.

HOFs’ launch is a noteworthy step in expanding Smith’s interests and sharing his knowledge with a wider audience. This platform allows Smith and his co-host to delve into the stories and insights behind the greatest athletes, providing a unique perspective on what makes them achieve greatness. To listen to the new episode of HOFs, visit Apple or Spotify.

Nickie Robinson