Lila® Announces Groundbreaking Partnership with Star Athletics

Dennis Mitchell’s Star Athletics: Secret Weapon Revealed

ORLANDO, Fla., July 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Star Athletics continues to dominate the track and field world with exceptional performances, and their recent success at the USATF Outdoor Championships at Hayward Field further solidifies their position as a powerhouse track club. With the event serving as a crucial qualifier for the World Athletics Championships, Star Athletics have once again showcased their extraordinary talent. Fueling their remarkable achievements is a groundbreaking partnership with Lila, a sports technology company, and their revolutionary product, Exogen wearable resistance.

In a display of sheer brilliance, Sha’Carri Richardson claimed the national championship title in the highly anticipated women’s 100m event, leaving no doubt about her status as a dominant force in the sprinting world. Additionally, Richardson showcased her versatility by securing an impressive second-place finish in the women’s 200m. Both Richardson and her teammate Twanisha Terry ran personal bests in the 200m, further highlighting the impact of their dedicated training with Exogen.

Dennis Mitchell, the three-time Olympic medalist, owner, and head coach of Star Athletics, explained, “Exogen allows me to use light loads to help my athletes recruit more muscle groups while running intervals. It has become our secret weapon, enabling us to unlock new levels of performance.”

Another standout athlete from Star Athletics, the Olympic silver medalist, Kenny Bednarek, delivered in the men’s 200m, claiming a second-place finish. Bednarek’s remarkable speed and unwavering determination continue to solidify his position as one of the fastest in the world.

“The versatility of Exogen is truly in a category of its own – you can tailor your weight placement to seamlessly complement what you are trying to achieve in a training session,” commented Mitchell. This adaptability allows athletes to optimize their training by precisely adjusting the placement of microloads, aligning with their specific goals for each session.

With a remarkable lineup of talented athletes, the team consistently raises the bar in various competitions. From the Texas Relays to the Doha Diamond League to the Miramar Invitational, Star Athletics has made an indelible mark on the sport. Their exceptional results can be attributed, in part, to their partnership with Lila and the integration of Exogen wearable resistance.

Lila, the innovative force behind Exogen, has revolutionized athletic performance with their groundbreaking technology. Developed by Canadian sports scientist Joseph Dolcetti, Exogen has provided Star Athletics with their secret weapon, enabling athletes to push beyond their limits and achieve unprecedented success. With its unique two-part system consisting of specially engineered multi-layer compression garments and flexible Fusiform™ microloads, Exogen offers athletes unparalleled customization and progressive overload.

Under the guidance of Dennis Mitchell, Star Athletics has harnessed the power of Exogen to redefine the boundaries of speed. The team’s exceptional results serve as a testament to the transformative impact of this partnership. As Star Athletics continues to make waves in the world of track and field, their collaboration with Lila and their dedication to harnessing the power of Exogen remain fundamental to their ongoing success.

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