Lila® Partners With House of Athlete for 2023 NFL Combine Program Bringing Their Wearable Resistance Technology to the US

TAMPA, Fla., Jan. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Lila®, a sports technology company, is partnering with Florida-based House of Athlete (HOA), a lifestyle and wellness brand founded by Brandon Marshall, to supply their Exogen® line of wearable resistance for HOA’s upcoming 2023 NFL Combine Training Program.

The partnership will see Lila’s flagship product, Exogen wearable resistance, incorporated into aspects of HOA’s pre-draft training across Weston and Tampa with a focus on athlete speed development.

“We are always looking for tools that are cutting edge to move us forward in the performance space. We are aiming to be a leader in this space and so it’s important that we find products which allow us to take our training to the next level,” said Troy Jones, Director of Education and Science at House of Athlete.

Joseph Dolcetti, Founder of Lila commented: “House of Athlete is one of the most innovative, movement-focused athlete development programs I’ve seen in the past three decades and we’re honoured they choose us as their Wearable Resistance Partner for their 2023 NFL Combine program. Our Exogen wearable resistance technology is clearly establishing itself as one of the most important advances in speed performance and technical conditioning.”

Exogen, designed by Dolcetti, a pioneer in the wearable resistance space, is a two-part system comprising specially engineered multi-layer compression garments and micro-loads which attach via hook and loop fastening. These flexible micro-loads, ranging from 2oz through 11oz, provide the resistance for the system.

Unlike fixed weight garments, Exogen’s versatility derives from its unique design enabling the placement of multiple micro-loads anywhere on the surface of the garment, allowing full customization, individualization, and progressive overload; the athlete can add and remove weight in an instant.

Dolcetti added: “We witnessed recent successes of many of our elite Team USA and Team Canada customers at the 2022 World Athletics Championships in Eugene, Oregon, so with the science and best speed athletes already under our belts we’re stoked to have the opportunity to work together with HOA.”

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Ben H. Quandt