Luxury Car Manufacturer Laffite to Host Worldwide Reveal of Five Hypercars at the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix 2023

Laffite to lead the hypercar revolution with the historical launch of first event road legal hypercars: The LM1, The ATRAX and The BARCHETTA G1 & G2 on May 3rd, 2023

MIAMI, April 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Italian manufacturer Laffite Automobili is set to make history on May 3rd, 2023, at the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix with the first-ever launch in the industry of five electric hypercars (three specific models plus two other evolutions) in one day. Guests at the exclusive event will discover the worldwide release of the Hyper Sport Prototype LM1, Flagship model of the range, The Hyper SUVs ATRAX Stradale & ATRAX Off Road and The Hyper GT Barchetta FG1 & FG2. All models are road-legal and feature over 1000 HP, unmatched performance, ultra-fast charge times, racing advanced technology, unprecedented cockpit and steering wheels, innovative audio systems, Formula 1 specifications and much more.

With patience, talent and dedication, the Co-Founders of Laffite Automobili Bruno Laffite and Pascal Cohen, have worked to define the foundation of their new brand, which draws its DNA from motor racing. New icon of Italian elegance, Laffite hypercars are ultra-modern high-performance vehicles and among the rarest and most powerful on the planet. Characterized by extreme design and performance, Laffite is the first electric car manufacturer to offer a full line of road-legal hypercars. To ensure its success, Laffite Automobili secured the most illustrious partners to create a range without compromising on luxury and technology. Fabrizio and Giorgetto Giugiaro, the two creative souls of the independent and established style center GFG Style, immediately embraced this incredible project as did the renowned Torino-based engineering and automobile manufacturing company L.M. Gianetti, which has been linked to the best racing and F1 teams in the world and the most prestigious manufacturers for decades.

“My dream has always been to see race cars on the road,” says Bruno Laffite. “It has never left me since I was a child and has even increased throughout my life. After almost ten years of research, work and development, Laffite Automobili became the perfect frame to my ambition. Thanks to a wonderful human adventure and dedicated friendship with Pascal Cohen, everything was put in place and now gets revealed to the world.”

In their early days, Laffite and Cohen, the “gemelli” (twins in Italian), as they are commonly referred to, established their friendship based on their common passion for car racing. When Laffite started dreaming of racing in the ParisDakar rally, he instinctively turned to Cohen to join him. As luck would have it, while Cohen was finalizing all the business components required for such a challenging and expensive race, Laffite was being recruited to drive professionally. Years after their adventure started, the two friends are developing Laffite Automobili and giving birth to a hypercar revolution.

“It is an honor for us to be able to write the first pages of a new chapter in the automotive industry with Laffite Automobili,” says Italian designer Fabrizio Giugiaro. “We have worked to fulfill Bruno Laffite’s wishes, combining the best of aesthetics, elegance and excellence for each of the three cars.”

A technical partnership has been concluded with L.M. Gianetti for the engineering, development, homologation, and production of the first five Laffite Automobili Hypercars. Founded in 1966, the Piedmont-based company has built an international reputation by collaborating with top automotive designers and official racing teams in the F1, WRC and GT championships, contributing to the success of iconic cars such as the Lancia 037 and the Delta HF.

About Laffite Automobili

Laffite Automobili is a new hypercar brand based in Torino and co-founded by Bruno Laffite and Pascal Cohen. At its official launch in May 2023, the company will present its first three models (plus two other evolutions). Each of the three models will be positioned in its own segment, two of which will be completely innovative in the automotive industry. The production line of LM Gianetti will deliver the first models already ordered to their lucky owners during the winter of 2024.

About The Founders

Like his uncle Jacques Laffite, the famous Formula 1 driver of the 1980s, Bruno Laffite regularly distinguished himself as a professional driver between 1990 and 2000, ranked among the top 10 drivers of his generation and participated in over 100 races. In 2014, Bruno Laffite created and developed a company dedicated to car manufacturing. In recent years, the company has homologated for the road in California two first Hypercars inspired by “rally-raid” and “sport prototype” races. Bruno Laffite and Pascal Cohen, the founders of Laffite Automobili, merge their passion, inspiration, racing, luxury and business expertise to manufacture a series of revolutionary hypercars that have never been developed before.

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