Morphy’s Nov. 15-16 Firearms & Militaria Auction Features Ultimate ATF Registry Weapons, Model 1853 Sharps Carbine from John Brown’s Arsenal

Special Highlight: Impeccably documented gold-embellished Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum custom ordered by Elvis Presley, decorated by legendary Las Vegas engraver Joseph Condon

DENVER, Pa., Nov. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Two days of unprecedented buying opportunities await bidders at Morphy Auctions’ Nov. 15-16 Extraordinary Firearms & Militaria Auction. A breathtaking 800-lot selection of rare military and civilian arms follows a timeline that runs from the early 18th century through contemporary times. Several lots are historically significant, with ties to Civil War legends and even “The King” himself, Elvis Presley.

Perhaps no other collectible firearms category has been as intensely sought after in the past decade as legally transferable machine guns. Their sale is federally controlled, and Morphy’s team of firearms experts makes sure all paperwork and documentation are in place before such guns are offered at auction. Per BATF regulations, Morphy’s also ensures that the bureau has approved the winner bidder before any controlled firearm is transferred to them.

Collectors can look forward to seeing some extraordinary rarities in the November sale. The star of the show is a fully transferable, high-condition Fabrique National US M240B machine gun, an example of the model that the United States armed forces chose to replace the M60 machine gun in December 1995. M240Bs are extremely scarce in the NFA Registry, which notes the existence of 17 pre-1986 dealer samples and possibly up to 11 fully transferable examples. Displaying near-mint, original unfired condition, this specimen would be “hard to improve upon,” said Dan Morphy, president of Morphy Auctions. Estimate: $250,000$500,000

Also, for the advanced collector, Morphy’s offers twin Colt M2 water-cooled machine guns on a Mark 22 naval ship mount with a Heintz armored shield and array of accessories. The consignor states that until these two Colts were retrieved from long-time storage, only 21 other transferable, registered original M2 water-cooled .50s were known to be in private ownership in the United States. This rare water-cooled M2s in its original configuration is estimated at $200,000$250,000

Elvis Presley (1935-1977) had few close friends outside of his trusted circle of bodyguards and associates known as the “Memphis Mafia.” Among them was Lamar Fike, who received a birthday present from Presley that was one of a kind: a specially commissioned Smith & Wesson 29-2 .44 Magnum revolver. Presley spared no expense, having it embellished in gold and engraved by Las Vegas gun engraver to the stars Joseph Condon. Impeccably documented, its estimate is $100,000$150,000.

To this day, Civil War buffs discuss the pros and cons of radical abolitionist John Brown, who was executed in 1859 after his failed incitement of a slave rebellion at Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. Was he a heroic martyr or a madman and terrorist? There may never be a definitive answer. Nevertheless, Brown is endlessly fascinating as a historical figure, and collectors of Civil War-era firearms will surely be competing over the Sharps Model 1853 single-shot slant-breech carbine taken from John Brown’s arsenal by the Independent Greys at the raid on Harpers Ferry. The carbine is inscribed on the patchbox: Captured by the / Independent Greys/ At the Insurrection at Harpers Ferry / Oct. 18th 1859/ R. Wm. Grahame. Estimate: $30,000$60,000

Morphy’s Nov. 15-16, 2022 Extraordinary Firearms & Militaria Auction will start at 9AM on both days. All forms of bidding will be available, including live online via Morphy Live. Questions: call 877-968-8880, email Online:

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