Moskinto Bringing Innovation to the Insect Space with Their Itch-Relief Patches and 14hr Moisturizing Insect Repellent

Start Up Brings Skin-Friendly Yet Effective Solutions to Drive Change in Much-Needed Insect/Outdoors Industry

DALLAS , May 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In 2016, Moskinto Itch-Relief Patches were born thanks to the innovation and drive of Andreas & Davina Jetter, a German husband and wife entrepreneurial couple, working to make the world itch-free through easily accessible consumer patches. Today, Moskinto is in 43 countries around the world. Moskinto’s January 2022 launch of their unique water-based 14hr Insect Repellent, Moskito Care, now makes them a full-circle pre and post insect care start-up seeking to disrupt the market with skin-friendly yet effective products.

Moskinto Itch-Relief Patches have been in the US market as of 2020 via Moskinto’s strategic partners, QRSKIN USA, INC. Together, Moskinto aims to become a household name with their innovative, skin-friendly, and drug-free solution from itchy bites. Moskinto patches work due to their original and patent-pending grid-shaped invention that allows our body’s lymphatic system to drain away the itch-causing residue left behind by insect bites. A subtle lifting effect created by the patch allows for an almost instant relief from itching.

While some are attempting to replicate Moskinto, Moskinto remains a clear market leader in brand awareness, market share, and industry presence. Through industry leading events such as SURF Expo, Outdoor Retailer, Gatlinburg Gift Show, IGES, and more, Moskinto has built relationships with retailers across the nation in preparation for a nationwide scaling effort. In June of 2022, Moskinto will be airing their first commercial TV & streaming campaign in efforts to further position Moskinto. As a RangeMe verified brand, Moskinto is "mass retail ready." Through partners QRSKIN USA, INC based in Dallas, Texas, Moskinto has centralized distribution and inventory in preparations for aggressive growth.

Itchy bites from insects such as mosquitoes are an annoying problem for people wanting to enjoy the outdoors. Moskinto aims to change that. Moskinto patches are price-friendly, latex-free, waterproof, and long-lasting. As opposed to other market competitors, Moskinto patches do not contain any chemicals, making it an effective natural solution. Moskinto’s packaging allows for positioning in pharmacies, grocery stores, gift stores, garden centers, hardware stores, hotels, and amusement parks. Moskinto’s retail footprint continues to grow alongside a strong focus on e-commerce growth.

Moskito Care Insect Repellent provides 14 hours of protection through a cosmetic-based formulation that has moisturizing capabilities. As a skin-friendly face and body repellent, Moskito Care stands out due to its ability to combine lasting effective protection with a formulation that is fresh, light on skin, and safe to use for the whole family. Moskito Care uses 20% Picaridin, an ingredient that’s growth is quickly challenging that of Deet-based products due to its superior effect and more skin-friendly claims.
The truth is, almost everyone gets bit. Bites are not fun. But Moskinto’s branding is. Moskinto’s appeal exists past its product innovation. Kids are huge fans of Moskinto Itch-Relief Patches, proudly showcasing their patches and self-treating their bites with colorful patches. Moskinto’s unique "Family Box, The Original Itch-Relief Patch" comes in an aluminum tin box that fits 42 itch-relief patches while bringing a bit of nostalgia in a fun and refreshing portable kit. Whether its adventure backpackers, golfers, fishers, or a family patio grill out, Moskinto has proven to be a product people love and can depend on.

QRSKIN USA, INC is focused on identifying, developing, and distributing innovative products for the health and wellness industry. Their family of products ranges from medical devices and OTC products to cosmetic and wellness retail products.

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