Natural Bridge Caverns Kicks Off 60th Anniversary on July 3rd

SAN ANTONIO, July 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The largest cavern in Texas is celebrating 60 years of providing tours to millions of people from around the world. As part of the celebration Natural Bridge Caverns is launching a new educational partnership with the Texas Wildlife Association Foundation (TWAF Foundation). TWAF promotes educational and informational activities in support of conservation. Natural Bridge Caverns will be raising money for TWAF through its ticket round up program and partnering to offer additional educational experiences.

Rated as the top paid attraction in the region by travelers, Natural Bridge Caverns, a once hidden treasure on remote ranchland in the1960s, today is widely considered one of the most spectacular show caves in the nation. Now visited by millions of guests, the caverns are lit with the most sophisticated lighting system in the country, hosts large underground events and concerts, and are home to the world’s only conveyor ride in a cave.

Still family owned and operated, the property continues to expand, having recently completed the multi-million-dollar expansion of the Hidden Cavern. Today there are five unique tours of the two caverns on the property as well as four above ground adventures with promises of more to come.

“Over the next few years we’ll have a few surprises in store,” said Brad Wuest, President and co-owner of Natural Bridge Caverns. “Every year we discover new ways to celebrate the joy of exploration and fun of family adventure. It’s our goal to continue growing and expanding with the caverns continuing to serve as the highlight of every guest’s experience.”

Through the years the team has ensured that the cavern system is carefully protected, with a focus on balancing access with stewardship of this Natural National Landmark. Thanks to internal expedition teams, the caverns are still being explored with nearly two miles of new cave passage discovered and mapped over the last five years. In addition, scientists continue to expand their knowledge as the cavern serves as a natural laboratory for paleontology, geosciences, archeology, and biology projects both below and above ground.

“As we celebrate this milestone we recognize that we owe a great deal of thanks to the many who came before us. This journey began with our great-great grandparents who started ranching here in 1884. Next our focus shifted to what was below our feet thanks to the four St. Mary’s University students who discovered the caverns. Then our grandmother, Clara Wuest Heideman, risked everything to open the caverns to the public in 1964,” said Wuest. “We’ve inherited that spirit of determination that inspires us continue their legacy of exploration and adventure for another 60 years and more!”

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