NBA Hall-of-Famer John Stockton, NFL Legends Ken Ruettgers and Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers, Surfing Legend Kelly Slater, and Championship Mountain Bike Racer Kyle Warner in Support of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. for President

NEW YORK, Nov. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, American Values, the Super PAC supporting Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s candidacy for President, announced world-renown athletes including Green Bay Packer Alumni Aaron Rodgers and Ken Rutgers, Championship Mountain Bike Racer Kyle Warner, NBA hall of fame player John Stockton, and surf legend Kelly Slater have come forward to publicly endorse the visionary leadership of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

These endorsements reflect the diverse and widespread support Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has garnered from athletes who recognize his commitment to environmental sustainability, protecting constitutional rights, and rebuilding a united America.

In a statement provided to American Values, John Stockton said, “I believe Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. was put on this planet for this exact moment in time. Never before have we been so divided as a nation. Never before have we been this distrustful of our government and our institutions. Never before have we faced such reckless incompetence and destructive policies from our leaders. Never before have our freedoms been so blatantly trampled. RFK Jr. brings us the truth, unabashedly, without political twists. While he is strong in his convictions, he possesses an openness and willingness for discussion and debate. He has spent decades standing up for those without a voice in the face of the corruption displayed by big money, big tech, big pharma, and called out our government, and its agencies when they violate our trust. He has courageously battled to uphold our Bill of Rights, our right to bodily autonomy, our right to fresh clean air and water, and for us as a nation to re-establish our principles.

Unfettered by divisive ideology, he brings a thoughtful, adaptable approach to every issue. With his unwavering determination, RFK Jr. is the ideal candidate to guide our nation forward. He is a dynamic leader with the skill, the intelligence, and the toughness, as well as the physical and mental stamina required to get this nation back on track. There is no better man for the job.

Ken Rutgers mirrored those sentiments and said, “Let’s be honest. Our government is broken. Our public agencies have been captured by private interests. The middle class is disappearing. The media no longer seeks truth and accountability. International conflicts intensify. Many politicians on both sides of the isle no longer serve the American people, rather they serve themselves. Broken promises, vitriol, accusations, and fear mongering has overwhelmed our public discourse. We are being pitted against each other as a distraction strategy to gain power, votes, ratings, and profits.”

Aaron Rogers publicly endorsed Kennedy and his fight for medical freedom and informed consent, while Kelly Slater has openly aligned with Kennedy’s strategies to combat the drug addiction epidemic. Rodgers has posted several photos and video clips alluding to his support of Kennedy’s campaign with a more formal endorsement during a segment on the Pat Mcafee show. “I believe in medical freedom, informed consent and I’m voting for Robert F. Kennedy Jr., so have a great day everybody,” Rodgers said before signing off. As more athletes continue to come forward, American Values 2024 continues to raise awareness for the Presidential Candidate. Professional U.S. Mountain Bike Champion and three-time winner of the North American Enduro Championship Kyle Warner has been working with American Values to encourage athletes to consider RFK Jr. for President. He added, “We now have so many great people that have had their eyes opened to the corruption within the government, whether it be through the failings of covid policy, global war mongering, or straight up lies constantly perpetuated in the media. Working with AV24 has reignited the hope I have for a brighter future in America. I think we are on the precipice of making something really special happen in 2024 and I am so grateful to be able to be a small part of it. “

Ruettgers encourages voters to do their homework, stating, “Recently, I was invited to sit down and meet with Mr. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., but I was initially apprehensive. I had only heard whispers of the labels attached to him: “conspiracy theorist” and “anti-vaxxer”. Friends told me to decline the invitation. Instead, I did my research. I watched interviews with Mr. Kennedy and listened to what he had to say for himself, which made clear that these labels and attacks were false, misapplied, and disingenuous.

Meeting face to face with Mr. Kennedy and listening to his vision for our nation, I heard a man who truly loves his country and the Constitution. A compassionate man who believes in a fighting chance for the middle class through opportunity and hard work. A knowledgeable candidate who brings clarity to international conflicts and immigration policy. An educated person who embraces the powerful benefits of free market capitalism but rejects and despises crony capitalism. A leader who wants to reform the corrupt government industrial complexes that have wreaked havoc on the American people. A gentleman of high character who deeply desires to restore public trust in our government. A leader who believes that national unity is achievable. And, most importantly, an independent candidate who is not afraid to speak the truth and give us the honesty we deserve from our public servants. For these reasons I am changing my lifelong party line vote and officially endorsing Mr. Robert F Kennedy Jr. for President in 2024.”

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Co-founded by Mark Gorton (CEO of Tower Research Capital) and Tony Lyons (President of Skyhorse Publishing), American Values 2024 is a Super PAC committed to restoring the soul of democracy to the United States. Our long-term mission is to build a movement of supporters seeking truth, separate from corporation interests, while supporting candidates for a brighter future. American Values 2024 supports Robert F. Kennedy, Jr’s 2024 presidential campaign.

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