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LAS VEGAS, Sept. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The best and easiest way to buy guns online,, announced it was now fully stocked with 9mm ammo. Hosting brands like Luger, Winchester, Ammo Inc., Hornady, Barnes, Remington and more, is an online marketplace for gun enthusiasts looking for ammunition, home defense firearms, reliable concealed handguns, hunting rifles, or other great firearms to use at the range. Featuring a streamlined, easy online process for purchasing legal weapons and accessories, Firearms Site also provides educational materials and firearms history for the true gun enthusiast. 9mm Ammo for Enthusiasts, Active-Duty Police and Soldiers

Originally developed by gun manufacturer Georg Luger in the early 1900s, the 9mm is often called the 9mm Luger or the 9mm Parabellum (derived from the Latin motto: Si vis pacem, para bellum – “If you want peace, prepare for war”). Both names refer to the same ammo as officially recognized by the Sporting Arms and Ammunitions Manufacturers Institute (SAMMI).

A popular handgun and semi-automatic cartridge sold worldwide, it is estimated that more than 60% of U.S. police use the ammunition (the preferred weapon of the NYPD and the LAPD), while the M9 was adopted by the U.S. military as the official service pistol in 1985. And in 2019, the U.S. Military adopted the 9mm Sig Sauer M17 and M18 as official sidearms.

There are multiple reasons why 9mm ammo is still so popular and preferred by gun enthusiasts and police alike, including lower costs, lighter recoil, and more capable on-target performance. Other benefits include:

  • Accuracy: 9mm ammo is well known to be more accurate at any distance, especially when repeated shots are necessary.
  • More Guns Use It: There are more 9mm pistols now than ever before. Most companies make a wide variety of 9mm pistols in duty configurations.
  • Increased Capacity: With a standard capacity of 17 rounds, extended magazines can load 20+ rounds.
  • Longevity, Reliability, and Choice: 9mm pistols last longer, are reliable in both practice and duty performance, and have a large variety of duty ammunition types available.
  • Cost: 9mm ammo is far less expensive in bulk than other ammo types.

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