New Era for Ocean Exploration: Voiijer and the Edges of Earth Expedition Launch Partnership to Amplify Stories of Ocean Impact

The Edges of Earth expedition team is named as the first Ocean Ambassadors for the new nature-focused social media platform, Voiijer. The team will highlight their experiences from the field on Voiijer over the course of their two-year expedition around the globe.

NEW YORK, Nov. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Voiijer, the new social media platform that elevates and showcases stories of impact and discoveries in nature, announced their partnership with the women-led dive team spearheading the Edges of Earth Expedition as the platform’s first early adopters in the ocean category, trailblazing a path for future marine explorers. The Voiijer platform is designed to provide more opportunities for those looking to advance our understanding of the natural world. Together, Edges of Earth and Voiijer will revolutionize how people perceive, interact with and learn from the planet’s remote and uncharted territories.

Protecting and restoring the oceans has never been more critical. Throughout Edges of Earth’s two-year expedition to over 50 locations around the globe, the team will meet with countless local experts who have dedicated their lives to the ocean—including scientists, researchers, conservationists, eco-operators, dive centers, community leaders, nonprofits and for-profit businesses. From the tropics to tundras, the Edges of Earth team will use the Voiijer platform to tell stories of positive progress and impact to amplify these individuals’ work and inspire future generations to take ocean action.

This partnership amplifies both teams’ missions to reconnect people with the natural world and inspire action. Through this collaboration, the Edges of Earth expedition ambassador team will share and document stories from the field in real-time, with the aim of providing benefit to nature enthusiasts, fellow explorers, and divers to make exploration more accessible.

“When looking for a platform to document and share research, insights and perspectives from the field, we were struggling to find the right fit. Today’s mainstream social media doesn’t allow us to chronicle critical details about each location we explore. Voiijer is different in that it’s giving us a place to go deeper than static pictures and short-form reels. We want to show the depth of what we uncover around the world,” says Andi Cross, Edges of Earth Expedition Lead. “Voiijer and Edges of Earth are working towards a future that fosters inclusion in a space that’s largely been classified as highly aspirational, pushing for environmental awareness and appreciation without boundaries.”

Michael Barth, seasoned explorer and founder of Voiijer, has stayed true to his vision of reconnecting people around the globe with the natural world: Voiijer amplifies discoveries and observations, making exploration accessible to all and inspiring an active community of nature enthusiasts.

“We’re proud to partner with the Edges of Earth team. Our shared belief is that to reach the next generation to take ocean action, we need to take a different approach. Through content creation and new narratives that are relevant and relatable, we collectively can help to increase individual motivation. This partnership marks a step forward in advancing our knowledge of our natural world, with more people having the ability to access exploration than ever before,” says Barth.

Currently, Voiijer is available for download on Apple iOS and has exponentially increased its user base since its launch in October 2023. For more information on this partnership, visit and

About Voiijer

Voiijer is a groundbreaking social media platform that brings people closer to the natural world. The platform’s tools allow users to document and share experiences in nature, crafting captivating stories, curating stunning visual content, and engaging with a community of nature enthusiasts. Built to free explorers from the constraints of traditional storytelling, Voiijer brings together millions of people’s perspectives to amplify knowledge about the natural world on a broader scale.

About Edges of Earth

Edges of Earth is an expedition team going to some of the most remote and interesting dive destinations on the planet to tell untold stories of ocean conservation and restoration. Led by Andi Cross, the team will venture to 50+ locations over two years. The in-field team includes Marla Tomorug (Creative Director & Content Lead) and Adam Moore (Logistics, Equipment & Safety Lead). As the first-ever Scuba Schools International (SSI) ambassadors, in partnership with the world-leading dive gear provider, Mares, the team is exploring the world consciously in hopes of spreading positive progress.

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