New Golf Technology Company Launching This Winter

Rad Golf Reveals Elite Team and Board Ahead of Product Reveal

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., July 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Rad Golf is revolutionizing the way golfers around the world can improve their game without changing the way they play. The new golf technology company, whose innovative products are set to launch later this year, is backed by an unmatched team and board of top experienced and accomplished individuals in golf and tech.

Based in Scottsdale, known as the golf capital of the Southwest, Rad Golf was founded by local entrepreneurs Peter Johnson and Drew McFarland who have extensive experience working in the sports product industry. Scottsdale is also home to many eminent golf companies which helped the start-up develop its elite board. With its powerhouse team, Rad Golf is guaranteed to build a new legacy for golf with its ecosystem of premier products.

Rad Golf announces its board includes Kevin Kunkel, Former President of Sprint/T-Mobile; JJ Dudum, Partner of Discovery Land Co. and Casamigos Tequila; Brian Verdugo, CEO of iGolf; Todd Davis, Former CEO of Lifelock; Tom McDonald, Former President of Yamaha Golf; Scott Harkey, CEO of OH Partners; and Peter Johnson, CEO of Rad Golf.

Rad Golf will offer products and technology unlike anything that is currently on the market. It will have a data-backed platform and multiple hardware devices that will all work to deliver insight to improve the end user’s game and overall golfing experience.

"The marriage between golf tech and equipment has never connected all the dots until now," says Johnson. "Our fully integrated platform of devices communicate with each other to collect and process information that can be used to enhance a players game and improve performance. Our products are designed to do the hard work in the background without confusion, distraction or altering how you play the game."

Rad Golf is getting ready for a Series A funding round this fall followed by its official product rollout. For more information on Rad Golf and its products, visit

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