OrthoAtlanta to Provide On-the-field Coverage for Aflac Kickoff Game

ATLANTA, Sept. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Piedmont Orthopedics | OrthoAtlanta has announced they will serve as the Official Orthopedic Sports Medicine Provider for this year’s Aflac Kickoff Game between Louisville and Georgia Tech on Friday, Sept. 1, 2023. OrthoAtlanta has held this role as the official orthopedic and sports medicine provider for more than 15 years, since the Kickoff Games originated.

This year’s game will feature an official tailgate, team walks, and game day festivities, with OrthoAtlanta providing around-the-clock, on-field medical support for teams involved in the game.   

“We’re honored to once again be there to support the Aflac Kickoff Game and its players,” said Todd Schmidt, M.D., a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine physician. “Our role on the field is an important one, as we ensure all players are safe, and in the event of an injury, we’re there to provide best-practice treatments for sports-related injuries.” Dr. Schmidt has served as the Medical Director for the Kickoff Games since they began in 2008.

As fans are watching and rooting for both sides, a team of OrthoAtlanta’s orthopedic and sports medicine specialists, including six board-certified orthopedic physicians and two certified athletic trainers, will be on the field on both sidelines through all the action.  

According to Schmidt, while teams typically travel with their own medical-support staff, OrthoAtlanta is there for both home teams as well as those traveling from out-of-state, serving as the key medical point-of-contact and assisting with any orthopedic and sports medicine needs.

“Our providers are available 24/7 for these teams, coordinating care needs from the time they arrive in Atlanta, through post game needs, as well as working in the training rooms with their medical staff,” said Dr. Schmidt.  

During the game, OrthoAtlanta is also in constant contact with other services, like EMS, to ensure coordinated care for the teams playing.

“OrthoAtlanta physicians and medical staff work together with our staff, the teams and officials, to deliver top medical service each year,” said Gary Stokan, CEO and president of Peach Bowl, Inc., organizer of the event each year.

“It’s a trusted partnership that extends throughout the year, including the many months of planning that lead up to the games and throughout game days. We’re thankful for the expertise and support that OrthoAtlanta provides our teams, helping make the Aflac Kickoff Game possible,” said Stokan.

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