Pickle Kingdom Productions Names Clayton Chard Host of the First Pickle Reality Show “Pickle Paddle Battle”

American TV Personality and Star of The Bachelor Will Spearhead Behind-the-Scenes And On-Court Drama as Contestants Compete for Prizes on the Groundbreaking Show

CHANDLER, Ariz., Aug. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Pickleball Kingdom Productions announced today that American television personality Clayton Echard has signed on to host the reality competition show “Pickleball Paddle Battle.” According to Ace Rodrigues, CEO and founder of Pickleball Kingdom, Clayton was the top choice to host the groundbreaking show that promises to showcase the excitement and spirit of pickleball in addition to awarding major prizes to contestants.

“This show is about making dreams come true. The action will be fantastic, but the emotions will be unforgettable.” Rodrigues said. “As the host, Clayton will take viewers behind the scenes to explore each contestant’s back story as well as drama and intense rivalries that will unfold during the competition. Viewers will be treated to Clayton’s charisma and hosting skills while the show will deliver unprecedented access to the players that make the sport so special.”

Known to millions as the star of season 26 of The Bachelor in 2021, the 30-year-old Echard was also a contestant on season 18 of The Bachelorette. Prior to his television debut, he was a college football standout at the University of Missouri, where he played tight end and earned a bachelor’s degree in health sciences. After his graduation, he signed with the Seattle Seahawks in 2016.

An avid mental health advocate, Echard recently authored the book 180 Degrees: On Mental Health, Mindfulness, and Unlocking Self-Belief. He said he authored the book to document his mental health journey and to inspire others to find their own self-love and confidence. As host of “Pickleball Paddle Battle,” he will encourage contestants as they are pushed to their mental and physical limits during competition.

“Pickleball is not just having a moment – it’s America’s fastest-growing sport,” said Echard. “As soon as I learned about the show’s format, the competition, and the amazing prizes, I knew this had all the makings of a great reality show! It combines two of America’s passions; pickleball and reality shows. I’m thrilled to be the host and can’t wait to get started!”

The application process for aspiring competitors is currently running through August 16, 2023, inviting high level players to show off their pickleball prowess. Final selections will be made by a panel of experts, ensuring that the most deserving and skilled individuals are chosen to participate in the one-of-a-kind competition. In addition to the thrill of the competition itself, the show is awarding unprecedented prizes. According to Rodrigues, one male and one female player will earn a prestigious one-year pickleball sponsorship contract with Pickleball Kingdom Productions. The sponsorship will provide the financial means necessary for players to compete professionally and continue their pickleball careers.

Another important aspect of the show is an interactive element that will allow viewers to vote for contestants to win a dream of a lifetime – the chance to win a Pickleball Kingdom franchise. One male and one female will be chosen for this business opportunity, and not only will they receive support and training from Pickleball Kingdom, but they will also be awarded their own franchises.

“This is the only show that is taking an in-depth look at the pickleball craze that has spread throughout the world,” said Rodrigues. “We are presently in discussions with several national networks and streaming services to finalize a distribution deal that will showcase the sport of pickleball to the masses.”

“Pickleball Paddle Battle” is scheduled to be released in the late Fall of 2023. For show details and to enter the competition go to www.pickleballpaddlebattle.tv

For details about Pickleball Kingdom, visit  www.pickleballkingdom.com

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Pickleball Kingdom Productions is a leading-edge production company dedicated to showcasing the excitement and growth of pickleball through engaging and high-quality content. With a focus on innovation and entertainment, Pickleball Kingdom Productions, LLC aims to elevate the sport of pickleball to new heights while fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among players and fans alike.

*  Terms and Conditions Apply.  Sponsorship winners receive payment of entry fees and cost of travel related expenses for competition in events.  Franchise opportunity winners will be awarded a Pickleball Kingdom franchise without payment of franchise fees.  All other expenses are the responsibility of the winner. For official rules and to enter the competition go to www.pickleballpaddlebattle.tv.

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