Pickleball Kingdom Coming to Canada

ONTARIO, Canada, April 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Pickleball Kingdom, the largest indoor pickleball franchise in the world continues its massive global expansion by coming to Canada. The United States based company confirmed its commitment to opening clubs in Canada, starting immediately with multiple clubs in Ontario.

Founder and CEO of Pickleball Kingdom, Ace Rodrigues, stated, “Canada gave us hockey and what a blessing that’s been. We’re excited to return the favor and export the fastest growing sport in the world, pickleball, to our neighbors in the north.”

Currently, Pickleball Kingdom has 140+ clubs built or being built out in the United States.  Additionally, early this week, the company announced its agreement with Franchise India Group to open clubs in Dubai, India, and Abu Dhabi, with the rest of the UAE to follow.

The Pickleball Kingdom experience extends beyond just courts. Members and visitors can participate in a variety of activities, including lessons, leagues, tournaments, and open play sessions. On-site refreshments fuel friendly competition, while a dedicated mobile app allows for easy court reservations and even captures video highlights for players to relive their favorite on-court moments.

COO of Pickleball Kingdom, Rob Streett, added, “Canada is such a beautiful country, but its weather is not ideal to play pickleball outdoors. We’re looking forward to offering Canadians a chance to learn and play the fastest growing sport in the world all year round.  Especially with their families.”

Pickleball Kingdom is now accepting inquiries from interested parties to get involved with the movement. They are seeking seasoned businesspeople who value the advantage that comes with being a first market mover. Those who desire to have a conversation with Pickleball Kingdom should submit their request through their website: www.pickleballkingdom.com/franchise.

Pickleball has seen a growth rate of over 224% over the last three years, resulting in an estimated 36.5M pickleball players in the United States alone. And remarkably, 45% of them say they plan on playing more pickleball over the next year, according to YouGov.

David Haynie, CPO of Pickleball Kingdom, commented, “Universally, the biggest complaint against pickleball is that there aren’t enough courts to meet the demand to play. Once our clubs are built throughout Canada, we will not only meet the existing needs but create an introductory path into this great sport for people who don’t currently play.”  

CEO Ace Rodrigues concluded, “We’ve had people from Canada visit Pickleball Kingdom ever since we’ve opened. And we have more than a few ‘snowbirds’ as members who are Canadian residents. This overwhelming demand expedited the decision to open up the country. Soon there will be Pickleball Kingdoms all over Canada!”

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