Pickleball Paddle Battle Reality Show Announces Elite Players Selected from National Talent Search

Pickleball Kingdom Offering Lucrative Prizes in High-Stakes Competition

CHANDLER, Ariz., Aug. 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The lineup for the highly anticipated reality competition show, “Pickleball Paddle Battle,” has been unveiled. Eight elite men and eight outstanding women players have been handpicked from across the United States and Canada, each representing the pinnacle of pickleball prowess. The sixteen athletes are set to compete in a high-stakes battle for lottery-level prizes, including coveted pro sponsorship contracts and the chance to own their very own Pickleball Kingdom franchises.

“We want the world to meet the remarkable men and women who will be gracing our screens in the inaugural season of ‘Pickleball Paddle Battle,'” said Ace Rodrigues, the show’s creator, executive producer, and CEO of the rapidly expanding Pickleball Kingdom franchise. “These players represent the very best in pickleball talent, and we can’t wait for viewers to witness their journey as they vie for life-changing prizes and the title of the King and Queen of Pickleball Kingdom!”

Rodrigues added that contestants were meticulously selected based on their exceptional skills, passion for the game, and unwavering determination. He said “Pickleball Paddle Battle” promises to be a rollercoaster of intense matches, emotional moments, and inspiring stories of what motivates its special players, making it a must-watch for pickleball enthusiasts and reality show fans alike.

The talented roster of participants includes:

Men’s Division:

Brandon FritzePhiladelphia, PA

Danny JensenScottsdale, AZ

David IbaNew York, NY

Jack Holloway – Clear Water, FL

Keven WongHonolulu, HI

Sheldon KolawoleSt. Louis, MO

Tanner TomassiOcean City, NJ

Zack ParksJacksonville Beach, FL

Women’s Division:

Angie Walker – British Colombia, Canada

Jennifer TavernierMinneapolis, MN

Jessica MasonSharpsburg, GA

Kaitlin MillerNashville, TN

Kaitlyn KerrLake Como, NJ

Kristine DiehlCedar Rapids, IA

Nicola SlaterVentura, CA

Tiffany AshDenver, CO

Throughout the competition, players will engage in intense matches, facing off against one another to demonstrate their exceptional skills, strategic thinking, and unwavering determination. The stakes are high, as the winners will secure two coveted pro sponsorship contracts and the opportunity to own and operate their very own Pickleball Kingdom franchise, a truly remarkable and potentially life-changing reward.

“Pickleball Paddle Battle” is set to captivate audiences with its thrilling gameplay, heartfelt stories, and incredible prizes. Stay tuned for more information on the show’s premiere date and broadcasting channels. Follow show updates on social platforms @PickleballPaddleBattle and website, www.pickleballpaddlebattle.tv for exclusive behind-the-scenes content, player profiles, and updates about when and where the show will be distributed.

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About “Pickleball Paddle Battle”:

“Pickleball Paddle Battle” is a high-stakes reality competition that brings together the finest male and female pickleball players from across the United States and Canada. These elite athletes will battle it out for extraordinary prizes, including pro sponsorship contracts and ownership of Pickleball Kingdom franchises. The show promises intense competition, emotional moments, and a celebration of the passion and skill that defines the world of pickleball.

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